Barber Clinic will open 12/4/2023 to Our Guests

Services at our New Barber-Only School Campus in Chicago, IL

We welcome our guests to experience the services provided by our student barbers! Wahl Barber Academy’s student barber clinic is located at 8501 West Higgins Road Suite 110, Chicago, Illinois 60631.


Looking forward to welcoming you!



Sunday Closed
Monday 10:30 am–4:45 pm
Tuesday 10:30 am–4:45 pm
Wednesday 10:30 am–4:45 pm
Thursday 10:30 am–4:45 pm
Friday   9:30 am – 4:45 pm
Saturday Closed

Making an Appointment is Easy

For an appointment call guest services at (847) 383-9790 or email us at wahlbarberacademy@academy-pp.com.

New – book your appointment online:

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You will receive a Welcome Gift of one free travel size product from Reuzel (Shampoo or Shave Cream) at your first paid service until the end of December. YOU will love it!
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Gold Memberships

Don’t miss out! Included in your GOLD Haircut Membership (6 months $85.00 and 12 months $150) is every haircut at Wahl Barber Academy (come in for unlimited haircuts during your membership). Also the Gold Membership comes with 15% off products and all additional services available at Wahl Barber Academy Student Clinic.

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List of Barber Services

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All guests under 18 years of age may not be left unsupervised,  A parent or legal guardian is required to be present. We only accept clients over the age of 7 years for barber services.


All work is performed by students under the close supervision of their trained and licensed instructors. Prices, times, and availability of services are subject to change without notice. Requests for certain students are accepted but not guaranteed. Federal Law prevents us from disclosing information on individual students.

You are asked to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement before receiving a service. For any guest, under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian also must sign this Hold Harmless Agreement.

We fully understand you all have a busy schedule, so if something changes or you are running late, please let us know. Thank you!

What Do Our Guests Say?

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Watch the magic unfold with @spanishbombsxbarber - it’s more than just a cut, it’s an experience. #wahlbarberacademy #wahlbarberacademychicago #chicagobarbers #chicagobarberschool #barberacademy
Meet Our Team! 

Nicholas Cobb is a committed husband, father, mentor, and Master Barber Instructor with 20+ years of technical and theoretical experience. He has a passion for education and the overall success of every student that crosses his path.

Nicholas’s goal is to cultivate the minds of our youth on the endless possibilities of the billion-dollar barbering industry and prepare every student to be career ready immediately after high school.

Thank you for your dedication, Mr. Cobb! 

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Empowered through every snip ✂️💁‍♀️ Breaking boundaries, one cut at a time. @firstlady_fadez 

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Wahl Professional @wahlpro is our proud partner of Wahl Barber Academy, a first of it’s kind barber-only school shaping the future of the barber industry. Meet some of our students and Academy leaders! 

Learn more about Wahl Barber Academy and request info: https://www.pivotpoint.edu/wahl-barber-academy/
Thank you, Sudeep, for your feedback and testimonial on our barber services! We're glad to lead the way for the future barber industry professionals, starting with training in razor-sharp skills. 

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From classic strokes to the finest details, every shave is a testament to our dedication to the art of grooming. ✨

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Watch as precision meets perfection! ✂️💈 Our barbers sculpting with razor-sharp finesse. #SmoothMoves #BarberArtistry #WahlBarberAcademy
Drumroll, please! Excited to announce the winners of our leadership scholarship. 🎓🏆 

Please meet Saul Espinosa and Alexandra Rodriguez!

In September of 2023, we opened up our leadership scholarship opportunity - we were looking for two people to be the next leader and influencer of the beauty and barbering industry. 

Our candidates submitted a written application and video application, explaining why they should be recognized as a leader. We were looking for candidates who have the capability and passion to become a contributor to the beauty industry going forward. This person would demonstrate high potential of leadership, be willing to become a role model for other beauty professionals, and demonstrate creativity and willingness to show up.

After a long process of collecting applications and working with our expert industry panel to find our two winners, it was ultimately decided that Saul (Wahl Barber Academy) and Alexandra (Pivot Point Academy) were our leaders.

Congratulations to you both for your dedication and passion - it has truly shone through. Here's to the next chapter of academic success! 📚✨ 

We invite you to follow Saul and Alexandra's journey, from beauty and barber school student to professionals. More information coming soon, be sure to follow us for more! 

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Elevate your style with just a click. ✨ Book your next cut online and let's redefine your look together. 💈✂️

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Transforming fades into masterpieces ✂️💈 Barber students perfecting the art of high top fades. 

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Part 2: Interview with @wahlpro educator @mrwrencuts and our student barber @mthebarber ! We’re inspired by the passion for our industry 🙌

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Part 1: Interview with @wahlpro educator @mrwrencuts and our student barber @mthebarber ! We’re inspired by the passion for our industry 🙌

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Welcome Mihir and Santino to Wahl Barber Academy! We can't wait to watch you grow as future barber professionals.

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Our student barbers are ready to see you! Our full-service clinic is open Monday - Friday for all your grooming needs. Call us at (847) 383-9780 or schedule online. Link in bio! 

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Take a look inside our classroom 📚 Our curriculum doesn't define hair sculptures as "womens" or "mens" cuts. We believe that barbers should be trained in all sculpture techniques, long or short. 

Preparing the future generation of barbers to take on anything with confidence! 

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To prioritize the safety of our students, faculty, and guests, we will be closed Friday, January 12th. Please stay safe & stay warm! 

Our team is still available via e-mail or text (224) 308-1600 ❄️ Resuming regular business hours Monday, January 15th.

Find Us Here

Wahl Barber Academy

8501 West Higgins Road,
Suite 110,
Chicago, IL 60631
(847) 383-9790

Wahl Barber Academy

8501 West Higgins Road,
Suite 110,
Chicago, IL 60631
(847) 383-9790