Makeup Certification

“…They also offer a hands-on makeup class that teaches students the basics of makeup application. This is a great beauty school for anyone looking to learn the latest beauty techniques.” – Kelly Ballard

We’ve comprised an excellent 84-hour makeup artist school program designed to cover the foundations of makeup. This course is a MUD exclusive 84-hour beauty essentials course and level I makeup certification.

MUD Makeup Certification

We blend current trends and traditional techniques so that you not only apply quality, crisp, and clean makeup but also take the initiative to explore and experiment. With the help of our MUD certified instructors, our makeup program broadens your beauty knowledge, equipping you with the proper techniques required in today’s multifaceted industry. It will sharpen your skills and prepare you for a future career in the field.

Student doing Makeup in our makeup classroom

What Is the MUD Makeup Artist Training Program?

Makeup Designory (MUD) is partnering with Pivot Point Academy to take makeup education to the next level. This exclusive 84-Hour Beauty Essentials Course and Level I Make-up certification provides leading education in the craft of makeup artistry and related fields. To be known as being specific to the needs of both the novice and the experienced artist. MUD courses designed for those seeking to broaden and increase their knowledge and are taught by MUD certified instructors. Each course requires specific tools for the class while helping to build a kit for professional use. MUD promises quality, long-lasting wearability, flawless application, and radiantly accurate color. With our systematic lines, precision tools, how-to guides, and insider tips we’ve eliminated the frustrating guesswork of makeup. Simple, smart, and versatile!

Our Makeup Certification is a Small Investment

Fees for our makeup artist school include the MUD (Make-Up Designory) Professional Beauty Makeup Kit. Become an expert makeup professional in every application. With this MUD makeup program, you earn 14 CE hours for Cosmetology and 10 CE hours for Esthetics.

Our instructors will work with you to prepare for a future career as a makeup artist.

MUD Makeup Application Techniques

In our makeup artist school, students learn effective makeup skills that consist of facial analysis, base matching and general application, correction, contouring, and highlighting with an added focus on eyes and lips. Here are some of the basic skills and concepts you will learn in the MUD makeup program offered at our makeup artist school in Bloomingdale, Illinois.

Facial Analysis: A significant process for healthy skin care, skin analysis helps determine a client’s skin type, skin condition, and the best treatments to use.

Contouring: Acquire the ability to alter the shape of someone’s nose, eyes, lips, and other facial features through the technique of shading.

Color Theory: All participants in the MUD makeup artist training program at our spa school will grasp a general understanding of the color spectrum to best compliment a person’s complexion with the appropriate color scheme. Learn to match a client’s skin type with the perfect foundation to conceal blemishes, acne, and any unwanted spots on the face area.

Highlighting: The students in our MUD makeup program will learn the art of highlighting — a makeup application that attracts light to the face, creating definition and the illusion of brightness.

Eyeshadow: Apply multi-dimensional eyeshadow through the process of blending, transitioning, shading, deepening, and highlighting to define the eyes.

Career Paths for Makeup Artists

Once you receive your makeup certification, it’s now time to pursue your dreams! The MUD makeup program that is available at our makeup artist school creates extraordinary makeup artists that go on to many exciting career paths. Here’s a list of potential careers to pursue after graduating from our beauty school.

  • Freelance Makeup Artist
  • Salon & Spa Makeup Artist
  • Bridal Makeup Artist
  • Runway Makeup Artist
  • Print Makeup Artist
  • Theatrical Makeup Artist
  • Makeup Brand Ambassador
  • Celebrity Makeup Artist
  • Makeup Educator
  • Beauty Vlogger & Blogger
  • Makeup Product Developer
  • Beauty Writer/Editor
Student Kit Makeup

Within our MUD makeup program, we include the MUD Professional Beauty Make-Up Kit, equipped with a wide range of beauty essentials.

This comprehensive collection of MUD products contains everything a professional make-up artist needs to create an endless array of looks. It includes products for the face, eyes, cheeks, and lips, in a broad scope of shades that complement virtually any skin tone, including MUD´s professional quality specialty palettes, brushes, and mixing tools. Here’s what to expect in your MUD Makeup Artist Training Kit.

Brow Fix, Cake Eyeliner, Eye Color Pan Refill (qty 6), Eye Pencil (qty 2), False Eyelashes (qty 3 sets), Eyelash Curler, Mascara Wand (25 pack), Mascara (Volumizing)

Cheek Color Pan Refill (qty 2), Make-up Remover, Face Primer, Foundation Palettes (qty 2), Highlight & Shadow Palette, Loose Powder, Corrector Palette

Lip Gloss, Lip Pencil (qty 2), Lipstick (qty 3)

Empty Eyeshadow Palette, Metal Palette, Palette Knife, Pencil Sharpener, Powder Puff (10 pk) (qty 1), Manicure Scissors, Makeup Sponge – pack (qty 2), Empty Spray Bottle (qty 2), Glass Jar, Tweezer, Cotton Applicators (cotton swabs), Cover Cloth, Station Mat, Duckbill Hair Clips Package, Synthetic Makeup Brushes (qty 9), Brush Holder, Clear Empty Pouch (qty 2), Beauty Text, Beauty Workbook

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