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LAB: Collaborative Socail Learning Environment

Enhance The Skills You Learn in Our Cosmetology, Esthetician, Barber, Makeup, & Nail Care Classes Wtih Lab

The Pivot Point LAB is a ground-breaking integrated social learning environment, that is offered at our cosmetology and beautyr school in Bloomingdale, Illinious and is avaiable to students in Chicago and various other suburbs. It is designed to help you enhnace your skills in areas such as cosmetology, hairdressing, esthetics, barbering, skin care, and makeup.

The LAB at our beauty academy is an incubator for talented future and current beauty professionals. The LAB offered at our beauty academy combines best-in-class educational content, creativity and a collaborative environment to enhance personal learning experiences. Enroll in a program to learn the latest techniques and prepare for a future career in the beauty industry..


Education Built For You:  The Connected Learner

You are part of a new generation not defined by age. You want your information fast, you want to co-create education, and you learn best through collaborative efforts within a community. The LAB provided by our beauty academy allows students to enjhance the sills they learn in our cosmetology, hairdressing, barbering, esthetics, skin care, and makeup classes.



An Integrated Learning Environment—Inspired

You have never seen anything like the LAB before. It's the ultimate learning environment in the industry provided by our beauty academy. It's easy to use and contains all the features necessary to capture your attention, inspire creativity and allow you to share your experiences with other students studying at the beauty school or barbering school.


Blurring The Line Between Learning & Fun

Pivot Point educational content of cosmetology, nail care, haidressing, esthetics, barbering, skin care, and makeup is at the core of your LAB. The lessons at our beauty academy are brought to life through a synergy of communication, collaboration and engaging activities. Plus, there's a bit of competitiveness, too.


Transform Your Learning Environment

The instructors at our beauty school are fully dedicated to helping you succeed by providing best-in-class educational content, innovative delivery methods and an unmatched school experience.


Enroll in our cosmetology, hairdressing, barbering, esthetician, skin care, makeup, and beauty classes to sharpen your skills in the beauty industry. Our programs facilitate an interactive, engaging, and responsive learning environment.


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