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Cosmetology School

Learn Basic & Advanced Hairdressing, Nail Care, Skin Care, Esthetics, Makeup, & Beauty Skills

Enroll in our Cosmetology school to master the basic and advanced skills that are required to become a licensed Cosmetologist in the beauty industry. The instructors at Pivot Point Academy will help students enhance their skills and creativity to become a confident beauty professional. Our cosmetology school in Bloomingdale, Illinois is available to students throughout the suburbs of Chicago. Our Cosmetology classes will include basic and advanced training with hairdressing techniques, nail care, skin care and esthetics, makeup application and other beauty concepts.

Build Customer Relationship Skills & Design a Portfolio at Our School for Cosmetologists

Our school for Cosmetologists will also help enhance your client and retail skills to ensure you are able to brand yourself as a competent hairdresser and beauty professional. A portion of the Cosmetology program is dedicated to designing a resume and portfolio that displays your skills and experience. Sign up for our Cosmetology school to become proficient in areas such as nair care, makeup application, and esthetics. 

Your 1500-clock hour Cosmetology program at Pivot Point Academy is split into four phases that will help you see, think, create and adapt as a beauty professional. Our Cosmetology school and classes are designed to enhance your skin care and beauty skills. Enroll in our cosmetology program to learn more about hairdressing, nail care, esthetics, and other beauty concepts.

Phases of Cosmetology School

Phase 1

Master The Basics of Cosmetology
Phase 1 of our Cosmetology program helps students explore the fundamentals of Sculpture, Hair Design, Texture and Color for every hair type.

Learn nail and skin services including manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials and makeup.

Phase 2

Take a Hands-On Approach
Phase 2 of our Cosmetology class is designed to help students apply the four cornerstones of see, think, create and adapt with hands-on training in our Student Salon and Spa.

Participate in advanced workshops in content areas from Phase 1 of the Cosmetology class that build your technical and communication skills.

Phase 3

Advance Your Skills in Cosmetology
Phase 3 of our Cosmetology program will focus on enhancing your skills as a designer in our Student Salon & Spa while shaping your skills in guest relations and efficiency.

Participate in advanced workshops in content areas from previous Cosmetology program phases.

Phase 4

Work and Prepare
Phase 4 of our Cosmetology class prepares you for Academy final testing and the professional licensure exam while perfecting your craft as a designer in the Student Salon & Spa.

Enroll in our program to learn new beauty techniques, skills. Our educators will work hand-in-hand with you to prepare you for a future career in Cosmetology.

Prosper U Business Training is now part of our cosmetology curriculum

Prosper U is an innovative, hands-on, results-driven company designed to create success for beauty and wellness future professionals. It includes revolutionary new methods to teach students how to attract, maximize and retain clients. Prosper U believes there are three keys to success in beauty industry–the business skills, the technical skills and the soft skills like communication guidelines and chairside manners. Prosper U combines all three by giving future professionals the fundamentals and discipline for a great living. Of course Proper U is fully integrated with our digital learning platform LAB (Learn About Beauty)

                                                                            Enroll in Cosmetology School

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Bloomingdale 2016 Cosmetology Start Dates

Upcoming Events

Sweet Saturdays 2019 – Tour our academy every Saturday – (11am - 1pm) - No appointment necessary!

Infotainment Night 2019 – Experience students and educators in action. Beauty industry trends and news. February 7, April 25, June 20, October 17 (6pm - 8pm). Please feel free to bring family and friends.


Continued Education​ (CEU Hours)

We offer workshops in areas of Airbrush, Color & Haircutting, Bridal Service & Media, CND Nail Program and more. Please request our program schedule.


Upcoming Start Dates

Cosmetology (1,500 Hours)

Cosmetology Full Time – February 19, 2019 (Tue-Sat / 9:00am - 4:45pm)

Cosmetology Full Time – April 16, 2019 (Tue-Sat / 9:00am - 4:45pm)

Cosmetology Full Time – June 11, 2019 (Tue-Sat / 9:00am - 4:45pm)

Cosmetology Full Time – August 13, 2019 (Tue-Sat / 9:00am - 4:45pm)

Cosmetology Full Time – October 8, 2019 (Tue-Sat / 9:00am - 4:45pm)

Cosmetology Full Time –December 10, 2019 (Tue-Sat / 9:00am - 4:45pm)

Cosmetology Part Time Night – In Planning (Tue-Fri / 6pm - 10pm)


Barbering (1500 Hours)

Barbering Part Time Night – Every second Monday per month starting in 2019. We accept up to 1000 hours for applicants that currently hold an active IL cosmetology license.


Esthetics (750 Hours)

Esthetics Part Time Day – January 8, 2019 (incl. MUD Make-Up Certification)

Esthetics Part Time Day – September 17, 2019 (incl. MUD Make-Up Certification)

Esthetics Part Time Day – October 15, 2019 (incl. MUD Make-Up Certification)

Esthetics Part Time Night – In Planning


Teacher Training (500/1000 Hours)

Teacher Training Program Part Time Day – April 16, 2019 (Tues - Wed / 9am - 4:45pm)


MUD Make-up (84 hours)

MUD Make-Up Certification Part Time Day – July 30, 2019 (Tues-Fri / 4 weeks)

MUD Make-Up Certification Part Time Night – In Planning



CND Nail Program 32 Hours – In Planning


*Contact Admissions for details.