Barber Program

Wondering if a career in barbering could be right for you? If you want a job where you can use your creativity and be your own boss, our barbering program could be your next step. Set yourself up for an exciting and creatively fulfilling future with Pivot Point Academy’s industry-leading education. 

Our 1500-clock hour barber program was designed to create well-rounded barbers in every aspect, and to prepare students to compete in the men’s market of grooming. Learn hair cutting, men’s shaving, grooming, and basic skincare, along with all of the skills that give barbers a robust repertoire that is current with the industry trends. Refine your technical skills with earlier hands-on practice, learn business strategy, and become industry-ready through our three-phase program. 

  • Phase 1: Craftsmanship of Barbering (256 Hours)
    Gain a solid foundation in cuts, shaves, trims, facial hair, and color. We have workshops already in Phase 1 so you can put your hands on hair earlier!
  • Phase 2: Enhance Craftsmanship of Barbering (640 Hours)
    Add styling to your foundational skills by working with models. Choose to extend your hours or keep them the same to create a schedule that works for you!
  • Phase 3: Getting Ready for the Shop Life (604 Hours)
    Serve guests on the clinic floor and prepare for your state test. Learn the final skills you need to become industry-ready.

The Pivot Point Academy Difference

At Pivot Point Academy, we blur the line between learning and fun. Keep up with today’s latest trends on our industry-leading digital platform, LAB. LAB is an interactive and collaborative online classroom where you can study with industry pros. With engaging activities, a library of skills lessons, practice tests, and more, LAB makes learning current, effective, and fun.

Our school also provides several opportunities for students to hone their skills through participating in real-world community events and outreach activities:

  • America’s Beauty Show
  • MLB The Original Midwest Tradeshow
  • Guest Speakers
  • Barber Show Cases
  • Barbershop Visits
  • Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day

Go Beyond: Business Training

Did you know that over one-third of barbers are self-employed? That’s why at Pivot Point Academy, you will receive training not only in technical skills but also in business and marketing. Become industry-ready with our business training courses: Beauty As A Business (BAAB) and Prosper U.

Barber Master

Phase 1: Craftsmanship of Barbering (256 Hours)

Learn foundational skills, such as:

  • Foundational Haircutting Theory and The Five Basic Haircuts
  • Hair Theory
  • Hair Care
  • Shampooing and Conditioning
  • Draping
  • Conditioning and Scalp Treatments
  • Texturizing Techniques
  • Styling Theory and Blow-drying
  • Prosper U
  • Perms
  • Relaxers
  • Wet Hair Styling
  • Natural Texture Hair Styling
  • Skin Theory and Basic Facial
  • Infection Control
  • Taper Cut and Fade Theory
  • Pompadour Haircut
  • Medium Taper Cut
  • High Taper Cut
  • Shaving and Beard Design
  • Hair Color Theory
  • Basic Color Applications
  • And More!
Phase 2: Enhance Craftsmanship of Barbering (640 Hours)

Work on models and enhance your skills. You will learn:

  • Theory on the Barbershop Experience
  • Theory on Retail Products
  • Razor Hair Cut
  • High Bald Fade Cut
  • Barbering History
  • Healthy Mind and Body Theory
  • Ergonomics
  • Human Relations Theory
  • Build Your Clientele Theory
  • Partial Highlights
  • Free-form Cutting
  • Communication with Confidence Theory
  • Goatee Workshop
  • Mustaches with Sole Patch Workshop
  • Coiled Twists Workshop
  • Locks Theory
  • Square Beard Workshop
  • Shadow Beard Workshop
  • Full Head Shave
  • Wig Theory
  • Hair Replacement Theory
  • Hair Removal Theory
  • Beauty As A Business
  • And More!
Phase 3: Getting Ready for the Shop Life (604 Hours)

Master your skills on clinic floor guests, prepare for your state exam, and become industry-ready. You will learn:

  • Goal Setting
  • Job Search
  • Prosper U
  • Finding a Barbershop That Fits
  • Professional Relationships
  • Know Your Client Market
  • Build Your Clientele
  • State Board Prep
  • Final Written Exams
  • Final Practicals

Student Kit Barber

At the start of each program, Pivot Point Academy equips students with a professional Barber Student Kit.

Included are the high-quality tools you will need to begin your barbering career:

  • Wahl Clipper, Trimmer & Shaver
  • 1600-Watt Tourmaline Ionic Blow Dryer
  • SRC Parker Razor with 100 Blades
  • Styling Razor with 10 Blades
  • Professional Shears
  • Professional Texturizing Shears
  • Clips
  • Hand Mirror
  • Combs
  • Brushes
  • Apron
  • Cape
  • Neck Brush
  • Aluminum Spray Bottle
  • Color Bowl
  • Tint Brushes
  • And More

For more hair, we have 3 mannequin heads including 1 with beard and 1 slip-on universal head. Students also receive 5 slip-ons including 1 female, 1 curly, and 3 male in our kit.

If desired, you also will receive an optional iPad needed to access our interactive learning platform Learn About Beauty (LAB). Students will also get Pivot Point Academy’s Fundamentals: printed study guide, downloadable eBooks, integrated lesson webbooks, learning connections, interactive video lectures, design decision charts, exam ace, and more.

Already a Licensed Cosmetologist? Check Out Our Crossover Program

If you already have an active Illinois cosmetology license, our crossover program is your fast track for growth. Pivot Point Academy can accept up to 1000 hours toward the state-required 1500 hours. Our barber crossover program offers a multi-level barber education that provides hands-on training in: precision haircutting, color and texture, basic skincare, shaving, and grooming. Graduates will walk away with the skills necessary to successfully build/extend their careers.

You’re In Demand

With more and more men looking to get a relaxing cut and shave, professional barbers are in demand. Career opportunities are as limitless as your imagination. Our program prepares you for several career paths you may find exciting:

  • Barbershop Stylist
  • Shop Manager/ Owner
  • Self-Employed Barber
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Traveling Barber
  • Educator

If having a job where you can use your creativity, choose your schedule, and follow your entrepreneurial spirit sounds great to you, barbering could be your perfect fit. Prepare for success in whatever endeavor you choose with our fully accredited, hands-on barbering program.

Learn More

Pivot Point Academy barbering students posing for a photo.


In our barber school, master prominent haircutting techniques such as the scissors over fingers technique, scissors over comb technique, clipper over comb technique, and blade on skin technique.


All students will learn facial hair techniques using a straight razor before becoming a barber. Once you are done with our barber program, students will be able to do beard sculpting, neck and beard trims, straight razor shaving, wet shaves, and more.


Master the hairstyling principles that will allow you to perform tapered cuts, hair replacement, foundational cuts, and the trendiest hairstyles of the time.


Acquire the sanitary knowledge and requirements needed to protect clients from infectious and contagious diseases.


Learn fundamental texturizing techniques that create directional texture and softness while maintaining a masculine shape. Texturizing allows you to design styles suitable to your client’s hair.

Hair Coloring

Our barber program teaches students to effectively change the color of a client’s hair through techniques such as highlighting, bleaching, corrective coloring, and more.

Facial Hair

Acquire basic facial hair techniques that will allow you to replicate popular beard styles such as the short-boxed beard, circle beard, goatee, anchor beard, mutton chops beard, chin strap style beard, and more.

Recommended Blogs

We have created several blogs for your reference. These blogs provide additional information during the phase of research and orientation. Barbering is a dynamic and exciting field.

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A BIG Welcome to our new Cosmetologists! ✨ looking forward to following you on your journey!
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Agree or disagree: learning should be fun! ✨ At Pivot Point Academy, we do things differently. Our digital learning platform, LAB, is a fun and interactive way to master skills in esthetics,  cosmetology, and barbering. ⁠
Take classes from your favorite industry professionals, engage with other students, and solidify your learning with quizzes. It’s time to take learning forward into the digital age. 💻 Are you coming with us? ⁠
*Financial aid is available to those who qualify. ⁠
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Congratulations to a few of our recent graduates! @pnb_by_evelin @kali_galena @beautybydom ✨ #iampivotpoint #pivotpointacademy #pivotpoint
So happy for you!
Congratulations to Cassie for completing 1500 hours of cosmetology! We wish you success in all your future endeavors. The beauty industry is lucky to have talent like you! ⁠
*Financial aid is available to those who qualify. ⁠
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Welcome our new Esthetician’s to the Pivot Point Academy family! ✨ 

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Ready to have glowing skin? This client came in for her first facial, and these results speak for themselves! 💯 Our student @makeup_by_a.marie used a high-frequency modality, which ⁠
- Acts as a germicide to stubborn acne. ⁠
- Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.⁠
Stop by our student salon and try this service for yourself. Your skin will thank you! → Link in the bio.⁠
*All services provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals. ⁠
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Did you know that over one-third of all barbers are self-employed? 💈 💸 If you are ready to follow your entrepreneurial spirit and be your own boss, you may be destined to become a barber. ⁠
Schedule your tour of Pivot Point Academy today to explore whether barber school could be your next step. →  Link in the bio. ⁠
*Financial aid is available to those who qualify. ⁠
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Wow, on a scale of 1 to 10, how amazing do you think this color is!? It’s definitely a 10 from us! 💯 Our student @coras_cuts did such a great job on this fun color. ⁠
If you’re ready for a transformation, book an appointment with us in our student salon. ✨ Making your day is what makes our day! → Link in the bio. ⁠
*All services provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.⁠
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Congratulations to Margaret and Caroline for completing our esthetics program! We have loved being a part of your journey and know you will do great things. ❤️⁠
Show these amazing ladies some love in the comments! 👇⁠
*Financial aid is available to those who qualify. ⁠
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We are loving this brow before and after by our student @skinby.nat_! If you’re ready for some self-care or a fresh wax, visit our student spa. ✨  Contact us to schedule your appointment!⁠
*All work performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.⁠
Take advantage of your time and turn it into doing something you love. ✨  You can pursue so many things in your life, and if you’re ready to do something creative, beauty might be the perfect option for you. ⁠
At Pivot Point Academy we offer programs in:⁠
-& More! ⁠
Contact us to see if we’re the right fit for you!⁠
*Financial aid is available to those who qualify.
We are stunned by this beautiful, berry-inspired hair! Our student @hope_the_beautician did a wonderful job on this client’s hair with this vibrant color and a fresh trim. 💜 ⁠
In need of some hair care yourself? Visit our student salon and see what our students can do for you.⁠
*All work performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.⁠
Your dreams don’t have to be just dreams, they could be a reality! Pursue a future you can be proud of and get started at Pivot Point Academy. 💗 ⁠
Our instructors have experience working in and owning salons and can help you meet your goals. Contact us today to schedule a tour and see if a future in beauty is perfect for you!⁠
*Financial aid is available to those who qualify.
As Pivot Point Academy is a personal care facility, the mask requirement at our academy, student salon, barber clinic, and spa is still in effect until we have guidelines from the IL Department of Public Health. When additional information becomes available, we will let you know. Thank you for your understanding.⁠
We are loving how these curls turned out by our student @allthingsbeautifaly!⁠
If you need a fresh trim, visit our student barber clinic! 💈 Contact us today to schedule your appointment. ⁠
*All work performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.⁠
If you’re ready to pursue a future in beauty, let’s talk! We have experience working with the future professionals of the beauty industry, and we are passionate about training the next generation. 💗  We offer programs in:⁠
-& More! ⁠
Contact us today to find out more about how you could get started at Pivot Point Academy!⁠
*Financial aid is available to those who qualify. ⁠
Let’s talk about this beautiful haircut by our student @hairbychristinealexis! We are loving these soft, long layers that bring out so much dimension in her client’s hair. ✨⁠
*All work performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.⁠
Your future as a barber could start sooner than you think. 💈 If you have a passion for cutting and styling men’s hair, our barbering program could be the perfect fit for you. Find out more about Pivot Point Academy and see if we’re the perfect fit for you.⁠
Click the link in our bio!⁠
*Financial aid is available to those who qualify. ⁠
Welcome to our new cosmetology class!✨ #iampivotpoint #pivotpointacademy #pivotpoint
Congratulations Madison for completing the Esthetics program. Much success to you!✨
Congratulations Lorena for completing the Esthetics program. Much success to you! ✨ @glowinsidendout


  • After doing a ton of research, I chose to attend Pivot Point Academy to obtain my Cosmetology license. Their curriculum looked the best compared to other schools, and I’ve heard great feedback from friends that attended this beauty school.

    Lisa W.

    I recently attended the Cosmetology school at Pivot Point Academy to tighten up my skills. Great instructors that facilitate a collaborative learning experience that is not only based on concepts – but also hands-on practice to help enhance your skills.

    Sophia B.
  • Attending Pivot Point Academy for my cosmetology training was the single most important career decision I’ve made. From the strongest in fundamentals to a vast network, I wouldn’t be the traveling artists I am today without it. In one word: Blessed!

    Julianna P.

    I chose Pivot Point because of its professional but fun atmosphere. I feel that they took cosmetology as seriously as I did but everyone was still warm and welcoming! I am now working at a Redken Elite Salon in Chicago and I feel like I’ve found a home in my rising salon!

    Natalie G.