Makeup Tips for the "No Makeup" Look

Wearing barely any makeup - “barely” being the operative word - is one of the fastest growing, current beauty trends. Instagram-famous beauty vloggers and social media hashtags like #iwokeuplikethis, #nofilter, and #nomakeup have glamorized natural beauty. Unlike countless other fads, this one is here to stay for its sheer practicality: it frees up time, decreases maintenance, simplifies your routine, and is the best way to showcase your natural beauty.

Believe it or not, there are ways to enhance your natural beauty without completely baring it all. Here’s our guide for using minimal makeup to achieve a “no makeup” look.


The first step is to prepare your skin using a moisturizer and a primer. Well-hydrated skin will absorb the effects of the makeup better so it doesn’t simply sit on your face and give you a cakey appearance. Ask your cosmetologist or esthetician which products will work for you based on your skin type: naturally oily or dry skin will react to differently depending on the ingredients.


Now that your skin has been prepped, the next step is to apply your base makeup. If you can, get in as much natural light as possible to put your makeup on; nothing beats sunlight as your guide. Spread a light foundation over blemishes and dark circles to conceal and control shine. The key is creating a buildable layer so that if you do end up needing the full monty for an event, your face is already evenly set. Top it off with a thin translucent powder to bind it all together.


As we’ve previously discussed in our highlighting and contouring blog, the powers of highlighting cannot be understated. This is what will truly help your features glow. Apply highlighter on the following areas:

  • Cheekbones
  • Under the brow bone
  • Inner corners of your eyes
  • Tip of your nose
  • Cupid’s bow (the little crease on your upper lip)

Highlighter in these areas will accentuate your face, much like a picture frame does a photo. It sets the tone and flatters your face shape.


The right shade of blush brings out your natural coloring, adds warmth, and creates dimension. Start by covering the apples of your cheeks, then follow the natural curve of your cheekbones up toward the end of your eyebrows. This gives your face a lift and directs the eye inward.


For the finishing touch, fill in your eyebrows (if needed). Fuller eyebrows are a hot trend that, when done correctly, call attention to your eyes and act as an anchor for your face. Eyebrows provide natural definition and shape while creating expression and character to a person. However, they can also affect the symmetry of your face if toyed with too much. Perfecting the right eyebrow shape takes practice, which is why you should come to our hands-on AirBrush Makeup Workshop on November 6, 2017! Attendees will learn eyebrow grooming techniques that will bring balance and harmony to the face.

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Why The Beauty Industry Is The Place To Be

Pivot Point Academy

The US beauty industry is constantly boasting impressive growth as the largest beauty market in the world. Thanks to the digital age of selfies, the Kardashians, and Instagram, cosmetology and hairstyling experts have had the perfect platforms to offer inspiration for younger generations. Actual statistics depict that the need and market for high-quality professionals is here and not leaving anytime soon.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the Chicagoland metropolitan area has the second highest employment level of cosmetologists and hairstylists as well as hourly mean wage in the nation. Illinois had the fifth highest employment growth rate of hairstyling and cosmetology professionals at 22 percent in 2014. 

The number of hairstylists/dressers and cosmetologists is expected to grow by 10 percent by 2024. With continuing upward trends in achieving naturally ageless skin, skincare specialists are also expected to grow by an above-average rate of 12 percent by 2024. Today’s cosmetics market is shifting towards premium products at a variety of price points. More products means more options for experimenting with statement looks. Being informed on the “next best thing” also helps stylists relate to clientele.  

Pivot Point Academy is a proud part of this fashionable growth curve. With access to the best training and cutting-edge tools, we ensure our students are at the forefront of industry trends. We are always thrilled to induct new students and believe in producing not only skilled, but professional cosmetology, haircare and skincare experts. 

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At Pivot Point, you’ll be constantly surrounded by people who share the same ambitions as you.  Group-friendly environments inspire camaraderie and competition that fuels each student’s fire, challenges previous notions and helps students identify the kind of beauty professionals they aspire to be. Our studio has been designed with a stylist’s eye, striking a combination of form and function that enables free expression.

Anyone can log onto YouTube and watch a tutorial, but it takes a certified expert to show you the why behind the how. Developing an understanding of why techniques are formulated a certain way is key to delivering exceptional service when you officially begin your career. Our master educators provide consistent training across all levels to make sure your time is made valuable and that your hands-on experience is always relevant

We have also recognized the ways of teaching have evolved within the age of technology. Collaborative learning is a main component of the Pivot Point LAB. This social learning platform blends education, customization, communication, and gamification to provide the best content and tools to enhance your own training. In addition, established stylists, consultants, and estheticians from other salons are brought in regularly to give feedback and insight into industry trends. 

As a beauty professional, you will harness individual freedoms most careers do not. Unless you sign on with a salon, you will be able to set your own hours, standards, and truly earn your keep. Cosmetology, hair styling, and skin care is not something you can get by doing the bare minimum. Altering or treating a person’s physical appearance is a sensitive matter. This is why today’s customers seek, recognize, and only pay for quality. Pivot Point will teach you how to establish your worth and ensure you are educated on how to market yourself as not just a beauty professional, but a business professional

Pivot Point Academy listed in an article on FAB – Flair, Artistry, Beauty – beauty trends by professionals as one of the world’s best Hairstyling Schools.

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Where Are The World's Best Hairstyling Schools?

Best Beauty Schools

July 4th, 2017 | FAB (Flair / Artistry / Beauty)

Do you dream of becoming the next Jonny Ramirez, Chris McMillan or Jen Atkin? Because as we all know, stylists and colorists are the real stars behind every celebrity's best look. Having searched all over the world, FAB has put together its non-exhaustive list of five schools that really are among the very best. Let's take a look.

Pivot Point Academy - All Over The World

Situated on six continents, this school network is made up of over 2000 training centers that have adopted the Pivot Point method. The first of them was founded in Chicago in 1962 by Leo Passage, a pioneer of modern styling techniques. Before the 1960s, styling consisted mainly in cutting hair before fixing it firmly in place. Leo transformed this into the art of sculpting hair to produce styles that have a real structured base and so hold up on their own. Thanks to him, the previous techniques have been relegated to history, and the ones he pioneered are now the basis of modern hairdressing.

The big plus: Along with its practical exercises, Pivot Point has developed multimedia tools adapted to fun and attractive teaching.

They studied at Pivot Point: Peter Michael Franelli, one of the '80s most famous stylists.

Other schools on the list: London Hair Academy (UK), Aveda Institutes (USA, Canada, Australia), Scotto Di Cesare (France), Yamano College of Aesthetics (Japan).

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The Ultimate Zombie - A Fantasy Makeup Demo

Zombie Makeup Demo

With Devin Stein

Look and learn how to create hyper-realistic injuries, wounds and gore for the ultimate zombie utilizing a skin safe FX silicone widely recognized in the FX industry.


  • August 7, 2017
  • 6pm - 8pm | 2 CEHs
  • Members: $10 | Non-Members: $35
  • Location: Pivot Point Academy 144 E Lake St. Bloomingdale, IL 60108

About the Educator: Devin Stein

Devin Stein Makeup Educator

Make up has always been a passion for Devin. Special FX makeup drew her attention at an early age. Devin took that passion into other art forms, graduating with an art degree focused on sculpting, painting and theater makeup. She interned at the Goodman Theater, working in the production department. Devin has also worked as a makeup artist at Six Flags Fright Fest, editorial campaigns and independent films.


Pivot Point Academy
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Bloomingdale, IL 60108

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Highlighting and Contouring 101

Wouldn’t we all love to have perfect, movie-set lighting following us everywhere we go? Or how about our own hair and makeup team to make us look like supermodels every day? Exactly where is this magical fountain of youth and great bone structure? 

Although the top-model treatment is not reality for the majority (if not all) of us, it’s still possible to get a glammed-up face at home. The solution? Highlighting and contouring techniques. Highlighting and contouring have made their way to the mainstream after celebrities like the Kardashians introduced us to the beauty of an airbrushed Instagram selfie. The terms are now universal to anyone with an affinity for selfies and hyper-sculpted cheekbones. 

So, just how do you get the look? And what is the difference between the two? We are breaking down highlighting and contouring techniques for beginners that will take you from plain to reign. 


To recap: highlighting and contouring are makeup application techniques that, when blended together, bring out what you feel are your best features while diminishing your least favorite. Contouring is applied first to create natural shadowing, followed by highlighter to accentuate (or “highlight”) your favorite features. 

Before you start applying the techniques, there are some things to keep in mind. First, make sure you’ve determined your skin’s natural undertones before selecting your contour and highlighter shades. Your contour should be a shade darker and slightly ashy so it looks like a natural shadow. Highlighters, on the other hand, should be a shade warmer with some yellow tints so your skin doesn’t appear too chalky. Next, shimmer. When it comes to shimmer, it’s important to glow, not “sparkle.” The shimmer level in your products should be soft and look as natural as possible. 



Apply your contour first to get a more defined outline of your face and help guide your highlighter application. 

Edges of the forehead 

Begin by drawing an arc of contour along the top of your forehead just under the hairline. The arc should start outside of one eyebrow and end at the outside of the other, the end points about two inches down toward each eyebrow. 

Hollows of the cheeks 

This step is what gives you the ultra-defined cheekbone look. To find your hollows (where your cheekbones start and end), make a fish face by sucking in your cheeks. Apply contour on the outer edges of your face and in your hollows, moving closer towards the mouth. Stop about an inch before your reach your mouth. 

Side of the nose

Contouring the sides of your nose gives the illusion of thinness and straight structure. Simply apply thin, vertical contour stripes along the sides of the bridge. 


For a continuous, even tone, blend contour underneath your chin and along the jawline. 


Now it’s time to emphasize your best features. 

Center of the forehead 

You can find the center spot by the left and right of your inner eyebrows and dabbing a square of highlighter in between, but not between the eyebrows themselves. 

Tip of the nose 

Stencil a tiny line down the bridge of your nose just above the contour. 

Tops of your cheekbones 

Use thin strokes to apply highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, angling the outer rims upward to accent the height of your cheeks. 

Top lip 

Your Cupid’s bow is the little groove between the two peaks of your upper lip. Put highlighter here, just where it meets your top lip. 


Once your face is full of these lines, it’s time to blend. Use a clean, shaped makeup sponge to gently blend your contour and highlight shades together, adjusting as you work your way down your face. Finish as you normally would: apply translucent/finishing powder lightly throughout your face and blush on your cheeks to add natural dimension. Apply any other makeup you wish and voila! Whether you’re going to an event or just out with friends, you’ve built the foundation for the red carpet look of your choosing. 


Would you like to create red carpet looks for a living? Get started now at Pivot Point Academy! 


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