Domestic Violence Course


Available at America’s Beauty Show March 25-27, 2017

Effective January 1, 2017, the Cosmetology Renewal License Domestic Violence Course became law, requiring Illinois salon professionals to complete a one-time, one-hour awareness training about domestic violence and sexual assault for license renewal.


Cosmetologists Chicago (CC) worked closely with Chicago Says No More a coalition of agencies serving those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault and Illinois legislators for almost two years to ensure this requirement would:

1) not take away from the technical and business education salon pros need to pursue their careers, and

2) not hold cosmetologists liable for any action, or inaction, relating to domestic violence or sexual assault information provided to a client, family or friends.


Curriculum for the program, Listen. Support. Connect. is designed exclusively for salon professionals, and developed by experts in domestic violence/sexual assault and Cosmetologists Chicago.


Cosmetologists Chicago has the exclusive right to offer this one-hour training during America’s Beauty Show March 25-27, 2017 at McCormick Place. The one-hour training classes and CEUs will be offered free with admission to America’s Beauty Show.


Click here for the DV/SA training classes.



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A Beautiful Career

There’s nothing more satisfying than enhancing people’s beauty and boosting their confidence – and that’s exactly what we do in the beauty industry. Just as satisfying are the variety of careers you can choose from.

We’ve listed some great careers to help you get on the right track to beautifying the world.


We all know how a hairstyle can make all the difference to a person’s appearance. We also know how much of a hassle doing hair from home can be. Imagine all of the special events in your life – from proms, to graduation, to weddings – people need hairstylists for that! Hairstylists not only solve hair hassles, they contribute to wonderful milestones in people’s lives.

Earning Potential

Hairstylist earnings can grow depending on where services are being done – from high-end salons to theater productions. As for opening your own salon, capital isn't terribly expensive, which presents the opportunity for even higher earnings.


Makeup Artist

Just like hairstylists, Makeup artistry has plenty of variety. This job is flexible in location too, as many makeup artists work outside of salons and in fields like theater, television, and movies. This job is also just as sentimental as hairstyling, as artists are often adding beauty to special occasions and milestones in people’s lives.


Nail Technician

Well-manicured nails can make all the difference in someone’s appearance as well. And it’s an exciting field with the variety of colors and styles that come out season by season.

Career Paths

There are a couple of routes you can take in this field – from nail care to nail design.

●      Manicurist/Nail Artist: Focuses on the look and design of the nails. This includes manicures, pedicures, applying artificial nails, polishing, conditioning, etc.

●      Nail Care Artist: Focuses on the health of the nails. This includes treating fungal infections, ingrown nails, etc.



Beautiful skin is very important to a person’s confidence and health. An esthetician focuses on the face, rather than the entire body like a dermatologist. Skin care treatments like massages, facials, and hair removal are typically performed within a home, in a salon, or in a spa.



Of course, beauty professionals should have a natural talent, but being able to apply the best practices takes the direction of an experienced professional. As careers in cosmetology, nail tech, and skincare are expected to rise between 10% to 12% by 2024, the need for educators will continue to grow with it. And with their flexible schedules, educators still have time to practice outside of the classroom.


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We Are Here To Help

As the announcement of the Regency closures has shocked the beauty industry, we are doing everything in our power to come up with ways to help those displaced students affected by these recent developments. Pivot Point’s global flagship academy has a long history of over 50 years of commitment to you and the beauty industry. We believe that it’s our responsibility to provide you with the best beauty education possible so that you can attain a sustainable career and build back your trust in the industry. We’d like to assure you that Pivot Point Academy intends to work around the clock to support our future beauty professionals. #TogetherWeWillMakeIt #MinorSetback #MajorComeback

Please call us at 630-357-4425 for information on how we can help you follow your dream of becoming a licensed beauty professional.

Highlight/Shadow Makeup

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Be our guest...

Saturday, October 8th

12 pm until 2 pm

Are you interested in Cosmetology, Make-up or Esthetics? 

Join us for an afternoon of fun, learning and experience what Pivot Point Academy is all about.

Highlight/Shadow Makeup

October 8th, 12:00 pm - 2 pm

Highlight and Shadow techniques are the foundation of all types of makeup applications. We will demonstrate the power of proper highlight and shadow application, and how these techniques should be used across the board on various face shapes to enhance or connect facial features.

Pivot Point Academy
144 East Lake Street, Suite C
Bloomingdale, IL 60108


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