2017 Hints and Tips Edition 2

Biggest Makeup Mistakes

The Biggest Makeup Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Gone are the days of glitter eyeshadow, bronzer as finishing powder, and wearing so much lip gloss that your lips looked constantly wet (of which we were all guilty). However, just because we’ve made it past these atrocities doesn’t mean we’re not still making mistakes in our daily makeup routine.

These makeup “mistakes” we’re referring to aren’t necessarily mistakes; they’re spots in your routine that can make a huge difference in your overall look. Hence, we’ve compiled some tips to help you avert common makeup blunders that are easy to integrate into your current routine. Remember, applying makeup is not about the [makeup] wand... it’s about the witch/wizard. Once you have the right tools and process, you’ll be able to work makeup magic!




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Foundation is meant to look natural and blend in with your skin as much as possible. Applying your powder foundation with a brush (not the sponge it comes packaged with) usually does a better job of covering your entire face instead of appearing heavy and uneven in select areas.



Priming your skin is often overlooked either because of limited time or not knowing what it actually is. Priming involves applying a base lotion, similar to a moisturizer, to your face prior to foundation that is specifically formulated to prep your skin for further makeup application. A primer supports a more even application and smoothes out imperfections for consistent coverage. Primer also prevents clogged pores by adding a protective barrier that keeps your skin from absorbing the makeup itself, which causes varying degrees of skin irritation.



The key to your makeup appearing seamless is making it look like you have none on in the first place. How to do that? Make sure you’re applying the right shade. When shopping for makeup, shop for the skin tone you are now, not the one you hope to be later (i.e., don’t use a tan foundation when you have paler skin).

You can find the right color by getting color-matched at your favorite cosmetics counter. But, if you’re on your own or even at the drugstore, test a makeup shade by swiping some along your jawline. This takes into account the color of neck, which is often paler than your face. The makeup should disappear into your skin and blend between your jawline and neck for an overall even complexion.



A common misconception is that concealer is to be applied before putting on your foundation in an effort to layer coverage. In fact, it’s best to put concealer on after you’ve finished with your foundation. It will actually offer more coverage because it will not be bogged down by your other makeup products and have a thicker form. In addition, your foundation and powders have natural concealing qualities as well, so dotting on concealer as a final step ensures you don’t use more than is actually needed.  



We’ve all been there: you’re in a rush to get out the door but you need a dramatic look for the night. So, you stick to your trusty method of closing your eye and tugging on it slightly to apply eyeliner on a smooth surface so it forms a continuous line across your eyelid. Done. We hate to burst your bubble, but this doesn’t actually do you as many favors as we’re all taught.

First, it’s recommended to keep you eyes as open as possible so you can visually see how one eye’s liner is compared to the other. Second, try not to tug on your eyelid. When you’re finished applying your eyeliner and release your eyelid, the eyeliner also bounces back and creates a bumpy texture because of the missed spaces. Instead of tugging on your eye to form a seamless line, try holding down your skin with your fingers and tracing out a line with eye pencil beforehand, “connecting the dots” as you move along.

This is particularly good for achieving a winged eye or cat eye look. You can draw a dot as far as you want your wing to go, connecting with the outer corner of your eye with liquid eyeliner, gradually moving towards the center of your lashline.



Dirty tools are a no-go. Old makeup and germs stay on your tools and go back into your skin when you reuse them. Plus, the makeup will not appear fresh and clean. It’s best practice to either replace your tools or clean them properly with a cleanser (or as instructed by the manufacturer) every year. This will not only help your makeup application process run smoother, but prevent damaging breakouts and skin conditions in the long term.


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2017 Hints and Tips Edition 1

Lipstick Say About You

What Does Your Favorite Lipstick Color Say About You?

If your lipstick could talk, what would it say about you? As cosmetology students and professionals, we at Pivot Point get to help people convey their unique personalities through makeup. Of all the makeup mediums, lipstick is one of the most impactful ways to add character to your look.

We’ve had some fun and come up with some personality traits for the most popular lipstick colors. We believe there’s a little bit of each in everybody.



Red Lips

You’ve always felt like you should’ve been born in another decade. You’re a true classic, emulating the vintage glamour of movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, and Grace Kelly in your fashion choices. A true romantic, you’d probably rather spend your weekends buried in books or old movies than out on the town. But when you DO go out, watch out: you’re a stone-cold fox and everyone knows it. You’ve got an impeccable wit, firing away sarcastic comments and cult movie quotes at the drop of a hat. Your friends love you for your compassion and willingness to help others.



Hot Pink Lips

You’re a shot of adrenaline, personified: inviting, bubbly, and vivacious. You own more pairs of yoga pants than the average bear, share cute animal videos daily, and just want to dance - all the time. When people think of you, the phrase “never a dull moment” comes to mind. You’re great at making new friends because of your infectious positivity. People are always excited to see you. You’re the first person your friends call for a pick-me-up, and you promptly arrive bearing a classic chick flick and ice cream in hand. As sociable as you are, you’re extremely dedicated to being the best at everything you do. Oh, and your hair is somehow always perfect. Teach us your ways.



Nude Lips

Classy, kind, and full of warmth, your welcoming nature is why your home is the designated hangout spot for all your friends. You don’t mind - you love being able to bring happiness to those around you. And, you always have the best wine selection. You’re very dependable and are often viewed as the core of your friend group because you can get along with an array of personalities. You have simple taste, valuing cleanliness and organization to keep your busy life in check. Extremely active, you would rather spend money on traveling and trying new things with friends and family than anything else. With a smokey eye and metallic clutch, you’re unstoppable!



Pale Pink Lips

Deemed wise beyond your years, you have an extremely empathetic, ambitious nature. You have a genuine care for people and just know how to make someone’s day, like a hug or sending a handwritten card to a friend just because. Basically, you’re the best friend anyone could have. On the softer side, you’d rather watch a cooking or home improvement show than a horror movie. Career-oriented and always taking up new hobbies, we’re always left wondering how you do it all. You take educated risks in your personal life that will help you grow. Your friends need you to help center their focus and give them peace. 



Plum Lips

Your daring, chic style is evident to all who know you. You know when to tone it down but have no problem rocking an all-black ensemble. In fact, you’ve probably worn black lipstick before and loved it. Accessorizing and drinking coffee is your workout. You have artistic instincts that tell you which details are the most important for making a statement, always equipped with that perfect necklace/bracelet/pair of earrings that ties the look together. Fall is, of course, your favorite season because, well, infinity scarves. 

Whether your friends need advice about clothes, relationships, or careers, they come to you. You can deliver an honest, candid counsel without hurting their feelings, and they always take it to heart because they know you always want the best for them. You’re a risk taker, which got you in trouble as a teen, but these days your friends love you for your confidence and spontaneity.


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Why Essential Tools For Budding Cosmetologists

Cosmetology Essentials

Aspiring cosmetologists have a lot to absorb in the beginning of their certifications. Pivot Point’s groundbreaking educational tools equip cosmetologists with the tools for success that will carry them through to their professional careers.


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Staying on top of current trends while learning timeless methods is at the cornerstone of cosmetology education. Pivot Point provides each of its students with materials that take you beyond basics and link concepts to unified art and design theory. Among course literature is a coursebook, study guide, and exam prep, plus a 24-month series of downloadable ebooks, web books, learning activities, and license components. These resources stretch far beyond a YouTube tutorial, and can stay with you for the duration of your career.



Hair specialists and cosmetologists need models on which to practice the various techniques. Our kits provide both man and woman mannequin heads in a variety of preset styles. The men’s options include fully bearded, nape, and multi-use plans.

For women, Pivot Point is at the center of educational innovation with its internationally patented Snap Cap® mannequin heads. They are a space-saving, detachable 100% human hair training tools available in a wide range of lengths, so students can perfect cutting, coloring, texture, and finishing techniques. The caps are reusable and recyclable for endlessly efficient educational opportunities. The hair caps are implanted with natural human growth patterns to make the learning process as realistic as possible.



Makeup and hair brushes are requisite to any cosmetologist or hair stylist. Hair brushes and combs should be in a variety of sizes to accommodate for different hair lengths, textures, and applications. This includes both hard and soft bristled brushes and combs of varied thickness; these factors also affect the end styling result. For example, teasing combs create styles with more volume. Detangling combs are also vital for getting knots out of wet hair before you begin cutting or drying.   

As far as makeup brushes go, make sure you have one for each step in the makeup application process: foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow, and bronzer brushes. All come in an assortment of sizes and shapes depending on the specific look your client(s) may be going for, so having a few of each never hurts.



Scissors are a staple for cosmetologists and hair stylists. They are what truly take drab to fab by shaping the client’s hair to frame his or her face. There should be more than one kind of scissors in your kit: one for cutting, and one for texturizing and shaping bangs. Scissors with teeth are used for layering hairs instead of blunt chops. Trimmers are also necessary for grooming and closer cuts to napes of necks, beards, and mustaches.



For “hot” hairstyles, you need to apply heat. Blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners will help you sculpt refined, consistent styles. For men, we supply a quality clipper and trimmer to teach how different razor lengths can impact style and skin type.



Makeup artists will have everything they need to bring out their clients’ best features. These are not your average makeup kits: complete with texturizing shears, extra combs and brushes, color wheels, and more. Everything is at the student’s disposal. An extra travel bag contains palettes, lipstick, eye pencil, powders, blush, and cosmetic sponges for even application of foundation, highlighter, and/or contour. The right applicators are just as important as having the right makeup for diverse skin tones.



Extra tools every beauty professional will appreciate include: aprons, spray bottles, a mirror, color bowls, clips, hair shapers, and a maintenance kit stocked with tweezers and fingernail clippers to address the details that not only deliver quality styling, but a quality experience. The devil is in the details when it comes to satisfying clients’ needs; we make sure you don’t miss a beat.


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Makeup Tips for the "No Makeup" Look

Wearing barely any makeup - “barely” being the operative word - is one of the fastest growing, current beauty trends. Instagram-famous beauty vloggers and social media hashtags like #iwokeuplikethis, #nofilter, and #nomakeup have glamorized natural beauty. Unlike countless other fads, this one is here to stay for its sheer practicality: it frees up time, decreases maintenance, simplifies your routine, and is the best way to showcase your natural beauty.

Believe it or not, there are ways to enhance your natural beauty without completely baring it all. Here’s our guide for using minimal makeup to achieve a “no makeup” look.


The first step is to prepare your skin using a moisturizer and a primer. Well-hydrated skin will absorb the effects of the makeup better so it doesn’t simply sit on your face and give you a cakey appearance. Ask your cosmetologist or esthetician which products will work for you based on your skin type: naturally oily or dry skin will react to differently depending on the ingredients.


Now that your skin has been prepped, the next step is to apply your base makeup. If you can, get in as much natural light as possible to put your makeup on; nothing beats sunlight as your guide. Spread a light foundation over blemishes and dark circles to conceal and control shine. The key is creating a buildable layer so that if you do end up needing the full monty for an event, your face is already evenly set. Top it off with a thin translucent powder to bind it all together.


As we’ve previously discussed in our highlighting and contouring blog, the powers of highlighting cannot be understated. This is what will truly help your features glow. Apply highlighter on the following areas:

  • Cheekbones
  • Under the brow bone
  • Inner corners of your eyes
  • Tip of your nose
  • Cupid’s bow (the little crease on your upper lip)

Highlighter in these areas will accentuate your face, much like a picture frame does a photo. It sets the tone and flatters your face shape.


The right shade of blush brings out your natural coloring, adds warmth, and creates dimension. Start by covering the apples of your cheeks, then follow the natural curve of your cheekbones up toward the end of your eyebrows. This gives your face a lift and directs the eye inward.


For the finishing touch, fill in your eyebrows (if needed). Fuller eyebrows are a hot trend that, when done correctly, call attention to your eyes and act as an anchor for your face. Eyebrows provide natural definition and shape while creating expression and character to a person. However, they can also affect the symmetry of your face if toyed with too much. Perfecting the right eyebrow shape takes practice, which is why you should come to our hands-on AirBrush Makeup Workshop on November 6, 2017! Attendees will learn eyebrow grooming techniques that will bring balance and harmony to the face.

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Why The Beauty Industry Is The Place To Be

Pivot Point Academy

The US beauty industry is constantly boasting impressive growth as the largest beauty market in the world. Thanks to the digital age of selfies, the Kardashians, and Instagram, cosmetology and hairstyling experts have had the perfect platforms to offer inspiration for younger generations. Actual statistics depict that the need and market for high-quality professionals is here and not leaving anytime soon.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the Chicagoland metropolitan area has the second highest employment level of cosmetologists and hairstylists as well as hourly mean wage in the nation. Illinois had the fifth highest employment growth rate of hairstyling and cosmetology professionals at 22 percent in 2014. 

The number of hairstylists/dressers and cosmetologists is expected to grow by 10 percent by 2024. With continuing upward trends in achieving naturally ageless skin, skincare specialists are also expected to grow by an above-average rate of 12 percent by 2024. Today’s cosmetics market is shifting towards premium products at a variety of price points. More products means more options for experimenting with statement looks. Being informed on the “next best thing” also helps stylists relate to clientele.  

Pivot Point Academy is a proud part of this fashionable growth curve. With access to the best training and cutting-edge tools, we ensure our students are at the forefront of industry trends. We are always thrilled to induct new students and believe in producing not only skilled, but professional cosmetology, haircare and skincare experts. 

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At Pivot Point, you’ll be constantly surrounded by people who share the same ambitions as you.  Group-friendly environments inspire camaraderie and competition that fuels each student’s fire, challenges previous notions and helps students identify the kind of beauty professionals they aspire to be. Our studio has been designed with a stylist’s eye, striking a combination of form and function that enables free expression.

Anyone can log onto YouTube and watch a tutorial, but it takes a certified expert to show you the why behind the how. Developing an understanding of why techniques are formulated a certain way is key to delivering exceptional service when you officially begin your career. Our master educators provide consistent training across all levels to make sure your time is made valuable and that your hands-on experience is always relevant

We have also recognized the ways of teaching have evolved within the age of technology. Collaborative learning is a main component of the Pivot Point LAB. This social learning platform blends education, customization, communication, and gamification to provide the best content and tools to enhance your own training. In addition, established stylists, consultants, and estheticians from other salons are brought in regularly to give feedback and insight into industry trends. 

As a beauty professional, you will harness individual freedoms most careers do not. Unless you sign on with a salon, you will be able to set your own hours, standards, and truly earn your keep. Cosmetology, hair styling, and skin care is not something you can get by doing the bare minimum. Altering or treating a person’s physical appearance is a sensitive matter. This is why today’s customers seek, recognize, and only pay for quality. Pivot Point will teach you how to establish your worth and ensure you are educated on how to market yourself as not just a beauty professional, but a business professional

Pivot Point Academy listed in an article on FAB – Flair, Artistry, Beauty – beauty trends by professionals as one of the world’s best Hairstyling Schools.

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