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Five Hair Colors To Sizzle Up Summer

2018 Summer Hair Colors

A change of season means a new hair color is in order. The official start of summer comes in a few weeks, and you want to choose something that stands out in a way that’s not too vibrant or distracting. Before you head to the stylist, check out some of our recommendations! From light touch-ups to a completely new shade, summer is just hue away.


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Why not match your color to the rising temperatures? Opting for warmer shades of blonde, brunette, or red not only goes with the summer theme, but it also gives you the appearance of glowing skin to make you look radiant on a hot summer day.


For something less vivid, you can try pastel colors, a popular trend which uses softer shades of color. It’s best to start with a light coating on the pass to get a sense of the color’s overall brightness when comparing it to your natural hair color. If you’re not satisfied with one layer you can always add more until you find the right shade of blue, pink, or purple that works for you.



For those with darker hair, adding copper shades can be a great way to improve your look, and the best part is that you don’t have to go through a full hair makeover to get the desired effect. A small application on the ends of your hair can go a long way. You can also apply it sporadically in your hair as babylights for a more natural look.


Despite the “blonde” connotation, this shade of pink isn’t extremely bright, but it can help bring more attention to your summer look. Similar to copper coloring, you don’t have to apply too much to get the most out of it. A small amount can easily add accents to your hair, especially if you’re using some of the warmer colors we previously recommended. Strawberry blonde also works with other hair colors, but you might have to do more work to get a desired look or combination.



When in doubt, you can always turn to the sun-kissed style. The aptly-named look is always a hit because you don’t have to do too much to make it look like a natural occurrence. With a small range of highlights, you can create a look that makes it seem like you spent the winter season on a tropical island.


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