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2017 Hints and Tips Edition 1

Lipstick Say About You

What Does Your Favorite Lipstick Color Say About You?

If your lipstick could talk, what would it say about you? As cosmetology students and professionals, we at Pivot Point get to help people convey their unique personalities through makeup. Of all the makeup mediums, lipstick is one of the most impactful ways to add character to your look.

We’ve had some fun and come up with some personality traits for the most popular lipstick colors. We believe there’s a little bit of each in everybody.



Red Lips

You’ve always felt like you should’ve been born in another decade. You’re a true classic, emulating the vintage glamour of movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, and Grace Kelly in your fashion choices. A true romantic, you’d probably rather spend your weekends buried in books or old movies than out on the town. But when you DO go out, watch out: you’re a stone-cold fox and everyone knows it. You’ve got an impeccable wit, firing away sarcastic comments and cult movie quotes at the drop of a hat. Your friends love you for your compassion and willingness to help others.



Hot Pink Lips

You’re a shot of adrenaline, personified: inviting, bubbly, and vivacious. You own more pairs of yoga pants than the average bear, share cute animal videos daily, and just want to dance - all the time. When people think of you, the phrase “never a dull moment” comes to mind. You’re great at making new friends because of your infectious positivity. People are always excited to see you. You’re the first person your friends call for a pick-me-up, and you promptly arrive bearing a classic chick flick and ice cream in hand. As sociable as you are, you’re extremely dedicated to being the best at everything you do. Oh, and your hair is somehow always perfect. Teach us your ways.



Nude Lips

Classy, kind, and full of warmth, your welcoming nature is why your home is the designated hangout spot for all your friends. You don’t mind - you love being able to bring happiness to those around you. And, you always have the best wine selection. You’re very dependable and are often viewed as the core of your friend group because you can get along with an array of personalities. You have simple taste, valuing cleanliness and organization to keep your busy life in check. Extremely active, you would rather spend money on traveling and trying new things with friends and family than anything else. With a smokey eye and metallic clutch, you’re unstoppable!



Pale Pink Lips

Deemed wise beyond your years, you have an extremely empathetic, ambitious nature. You have a genuine care for people and just know how to make someone’s day, like a hug or sending a handwritten card to a friend just because. Basically, you’re the best friend anyone could have. On the softer side, you’d rather watch a cooking or home improvement show than a horror movie. Career-oriented and always taking up new hobbies, we’re always left wondering how you do it all. You take educated risks in your personal life that will help you grow. Your friends need you to help center their focus and give them peace. 



Plum Lips

Your daring, chic style is evident to all who know you. You know when to tone it down but have no problem rocking an all-black ensemble. In fact, you’ve probably worn black lipstick before and loved it. Accessorizing and drinking coffee is your workout. You have artistic instincts that tell you which details are the most important for making a statement, always equipped with that perfect necklace/bracelet/pair of earrings that ties the look together. Fall is, of course, your favorite season because, well, infinity scarves. 

Whether your friends need advice about clothes, relationships, or careers, they come to you. You can deliver an honest, candid counsel without hurting their feelings, and they always take it to heart because they know you always want the best for them. You’re a risk taker, which got you in trouble as a teen, but these days your friends love you for your confidence and spontaneity.


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