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Makeup Tips for the "No Makeup" Look

Wearing barely any makeup - “barely” being the operative word - is one of the fastest growing, current beauty trends. Instagram-famous beauty vloggers and social media hashtags like #iwokeuplikethis, #nofilter, and #nomakeup have glamorized natural beauty. Unlike countless other fads, this one is here to stay for its sheer practicality: it frees up time, decreases maintenance, simplifies your routine, and is the best way to showcase your natural beauty.

Believe it or not, there are ways to enhance your natural beauty without completely baring it all. Here’s our guide for using minimal makeup to achieve a “no makeup” look.


The first step is to prepare your skin using a moisturizer and a primer. Well-hydrated skin will absorb the effects of the makeup better so it doesn’t simply sit on your face and give you a cakey appearance. Ask your cosmetologist or esthetician which products will work for you based on your skin type: naturally oily or dry skin will react to differently depending on the ingredients.


Now that your skin has been prepped, the next step is to apply your base makeup. If you can, get in as much natural light as possible to put your makeup on; nothing beats sunlight as your guide. Spread a light foundation over blemishes and dark circles to conceal and control shine. The key is creating a buildable layer so that if you do end up needing the full monty for an event, your face is already evenly set. Top it off with a thin translucent powder to bind it all together.


As we’ve previously discussed in our highlighting and contouring blog, the powers of highlighting cannot be understated. This is what will truly help your features glow. Apply highlighter on the following areas:

  • Cheekbones
  • Under the brow bone
  • Inner corners of your eyes
  • Tip of your nose
  • Cupid’s bow (the little crease on your upper lip)

Highlighter in these areas will accentuate your face, much like a picture frame does a photo. It sets the tone and flatters your face shape.


The right shade of blush brings out your natural coloring, adds warmth, and creates dimension. Start by covering the apples of your cheeks, then follow the natural curve of your cheekbones up toward the end of your eyebrows. This gives your face a lift and directs the eye inward.


For the finishing touch, fill in your eyebrows (if needed). Fuller eyebrows are a hot trend that, when done correctly, call attention to your eyes and act as an anchor for your face. Eyebrows provide natural definition and shape while creating expression and character to a person. However, they can also affect the symmetry of your face if toyed with too much. Perfecting the right eyebrow shape takes practice, which is why you should come to our hands-on AirBrush Makeup Workshop on November 6, 2017! Attendees will learn eyebrow grooming techniques that will bring balance and harmony to the face.

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