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Where Are The World's Best Hairstyling Schools?

Best Beauty Schools

July 4th, 2017 | FAB (Flair / Artistry / Beauty)

Do you dream of becoming the next Jonny Ramirez, Chris McMillan or Jen Atkin? Because as we all know, stylists and colorists are the real stars behind every celebrity's best look. Having searched all over the world, FAB has put together its non-exhaustive list of five schools that really are among the very best. Let's take a look.

Pivot Point Academy - All Over The World

Situated on six continents, this school network is made up of over 2000 training centers that have adopted the Pivot Point method. The first of them was founded in Chicago in 1962 by Leo Passage, a pioneer of modern styling techniques. Before the 1960s, styling consisted mainly in cutting hair before fixing it firmly in place. Leo transformed this into the art of sculpting hair to produce styles that have a real structured base and so hold up on their own. Thanks to him, the previous techniques have been relegated to history, and the ones he pioneered are now the basis of modern hairdressing.

The big plus: Along with its practical exercises, Pivot Point has developed multimedia tools adapted to fun and attractive teaching.

They studied at Pivot Point: Peter Michael Franelli, one of the '80s most famous stylists.

Other schools on the list: London Hair Academy (UK), Aveda Institutes (USA, Canada, Australia), Scotto Di Cesare (France), Yamano College of Aesthetics (Japan).

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