2018 Hints and Tips Edition 2

Six Common Makeup Mistakes And How To Fix Them

The world of cosmetology is full of different shades, products, and techniques, which makes it easy to fall into a few mistakes when applying makeup. Lucky for you, we put together a list of some of the most common issues (and solutions) so that you can avoid these facial disasters in the future.


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The first, and one of the most important, steps in cosmetology is to moisturize your face. Applying makeup on dry skin isn’t ideal because it will appear dull and cracked. Using moisturizer not only removes these problems, but it also serves as a solid foundation for additional layers.


After moisturizing the face, most people will start applying makeup, but you should put on skin primer first. This further hydrates the face to create an even smoother surface, and it ensures that your makeup will last longer. Primer also provides a consistent look in the final product.



Foundation hides blemishes and creates a smoother complexion on your face, but you should also choose the right shade to compliment your skin tone. A foundation that vastly differs from your natural skin color will stand out in a bad way. You should choose foundation that is similar to your skin tone. You can easily check which shades match your tone by applying a small amount on your wrist or the back of your hand.


It’s easy to add too many coats of foundation or primer, which creates a “caked-on,” or artificial look. If this happens you have no choice to remove it all and start over. To avoid this problem, first apply a small amount and add more layers if necessary.



It’s exciting to use different products to soften your cheeks, accent your eyes, and hide blemishes, but you want to make sure that all these elements blend together on your face. Conflicting layers will give a disjointed look and disrupts the overall consistency of your work. Just like with foundation, it’s best to start with small amounts and add more layers if needed. This lets you see if specific shades or techniques work well on your face with minimal consequences. For some great examples, check out our Pinterest board.


We get it, you’re in a rush, and it’s sometimes easy to forget cleaning your brushes. However, it’s important that you give them a proper cleaning on a regular basis so that every piece of makeup on your face looks fresh. Washing brushes also prevents unwanted oil residue or even makeup products that were previously used on the same brush. We recommend using a brush cleaning solution to easily solve this problem, but you can also use olive oil or dishwashing soap.


There’s no shame in committing these makeup cardinal sins, and sometimes the best solutions come from encountering these problems. As a result, you might discover new techniques, different products, or unconventional solutions to achieve amazing looks on your face.

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2018 Hints and Tips Edition 1

Up Your Airbrushing Game With These Simple Tips

Airbrushing was one of the most popular makeup techniques of the past, and it’s a megatrend that has staying power (literally). Airbrush makeup is characterized by three main components: a powered compressor to regulate air pressure and flow; a hose connecting to the makeup gun; and the gun itself, which is a metal, triggered applicator that houses your foundation.

The first recorded use of airbrush makeup was during the production of the 1959 film Ben-Hur (starring Charlton Heston) to speedily apply makeup to the vast number of cast members. Whereas traditional powder or liquid makeup can settle into pores and increase the appearance of fine lines on HD television, airbrush makeup creates a completely seamless, even, barely-there look that hides nearly all imperfections.

There are both professional and at-home airbrushing kits out there. (The at-home kits operate at a lower pressure.) This is why airbrushing has skyrocketed in popularity: beauty pros and novices alike have access to Hollywood glamour at home!


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Whether you’re airbrushing for professional reasons or having a go at it on your own, there are some tips about the technique that every aspiring cosmetologist should know.



Begin by filling the applicator with water to get a feel for the pressure levels. With either a mannequin or on your own face, make the same constant, circular motions you would with a client (and actual makeup). Airbrushing is like painting a canvas: every square centimeter must be evenly - and lightly - covered to provide a solid base on which to finish the look.



Prepping your skin is critical to setting the tone for airbrushing. Moisturizing your skin beforehand, either after you get out of the shower or at the start of your day, opens and hydrates your pores so the makeup is fully absorbed into your skin.

In addition, include a primer in your makeup routine. Primer is typically applied before foundation and not only acts as a kind of moisturizer, but is also formulated to help the makeup last through the day. It’s a base coat, so to speak, that your makeup holds onto and makes touch-ups easy. (Ideal for transitioning from day to night!)



If you’re pleased with the kind of liquid foundation you use, use the same for airbrushing! Airbrushing changes the texture and application method, not the color of the makeup itself. Using your own foundation ensures you know what you’re working with and that it will successfully blend with your skin.



It’s a common misconception that to fully conceal and cover, you apply more makeup. This is simply not the case. Particularly in airbrushing, there is the potential for too much of a good thing. Overspraying will cause a “caked-on” effect, which is not conducive to what airbrushing is meant to achieve in the first place.

Airbrush gun in hand, spray the foundation 4-6” away from the face in small, circular motions to create light layers. Stop once you’re sure you’ve covered the entire face, and let the makeup settle before deciding whether or not to add more. Remember, you’re going for as natural a look as possible, which shouldn’t require as much foundation!

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Have you ever seen what we call “floating head syndrome,” where it appears that a person’s head is completely separate from their body because the color is staunchly different from their actual skin tone and it all stops before the neck? We want to avoid that.

Your makeup should be continuous and clean. This also means ensuring your face makeup falls in line with your overall skin tone. Once you’ve nailed your shade down, follow the natural curvature of your face to airbrush and blend your neck, pausing just after your jawline. This will create a seamless transition from face to neck and body.


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Award-Winning Looks For Valentine's Day

We’re all aware that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you’ve watched TV at all over the past month, you also know that it’s awards season. Every year, Hollywood’s finest emerge to showcase not only support for each other’s impressive works, but new, red carpet-ready trends and styles.


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As Valentine’s Day and awards season harmoniously overlap, we can’t help but find inspiration from celebrity looks and incorporate them into our own wardrobe and makeup routines. Valentine’s Day can be so much more than a red lip. It’s the perfect occasion to mix it up and try something new.

We’ve reviewed all the looks from both the Critics Choice and SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards and have casted our votes. Here’s our comprehensive list of favorite hair and makeup combinations we believe you’ll love for Valentine’s Day.



Glam + ballerina = glamberina. Sleek buns are gracing the red carpet for timeless, romantic elegance that can be dressed up or down.


Margot Robbie

(Photo: PopSugar)

When in doubt, wrap it in a velvet bow and call it a day. This fashionable topknot is a far cry from Robbie's 90's hairstyles in her I, Tonya lead role as controversial Olympic ice skater Tonya Harding, which won her the Critics' Choice Award for Best Actress in a Comedy. The messy bun and refined makeup shows Margot Robbie's softer side, an arguable juxtaposition from the character she plays.


Sarah Hyland

(Photo: Allure)

Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland channeled iconic Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn with this polished, ‘50’s inspired updo with bold red lip and cat eyeliner. Her bun, made with three tight fishtail braids, stayed nipped and tucked all night. This sweet look works for Valentine’s Day or a breakfast at Tiffany’s.


Millie Bobby Brown

(Picture: Huffington Post)

Strangest thing: when we were 13, we were mastering the crimper and dabbing on edible lip gloss. Meanwhile, Millie Bobby Brown served us an alternative take on the classic ballerina bun and minimal makeup at this years’ SAG awards. Her sleek dual-bun shows off her evolving, yet youthful fashion sense. After all, she’s still just 13.


Loose Updos

Loose updos are timeless, flattering, and versatile. If you’re pressed for time before your big date and stumped as to what to do, consider putting your hair in an easy updo for a low-maintenance, but high-impact look.


Nicole Kidman

(Picture: Us Weekly)

We’re not [Big Little] lying: Nicole Kidman’s low, side-swept bun deserves an encore. It’s classy, sassy, and softens her face in contrast to her red lip and piercing blue eyes. She also took home a most coveted accessory: the statue for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Miniseries or Television Movie.


Saoirse Ronan

(Picture: Byrdie)

It’s not just us thinking pink. The Lady Bird actress and Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role nominee stunned in a sophisticated, yet delicate updo and makeup at the SAG Awards. The updo was actually a low ponytail with a silver thread running throughout, adding to her ensemble’s whimsical nature.

Saoirse Ronan Hair
(Picture: Byrdie)


Short and Sweet


Lupita Nyong'o

(Photo: Us Weekly)

Lupita Nyong’o is well-known for making bold red carpet statements. But, one thing that hasn’t changed is her devotion to her signature, short hairstyle. And with near-perfect bone structure like that, why wouldn’t you show it off?! Lupita’s simplistic yet glowing makeup is the finishing touch to complementing her (not pictured) dramatic, glittery dress.


Kate Hudson

(Photo: Good Housekeeping)

Okay, we won’t lie: we don’t ‘heart’ Kate Hudson’s SAG Awards dress choice as much as we’d hoped. The patterned dress sparked a lot of internet commotion and confusion among the masses. But, what we for sure love is from the neck up: her short pixie cut! Hudson initially chopped her hair for her role in Sia’s film Sister, for which a buzzcut was required. Since then, it’s grown into a sophisticated ‘do that adds edge to any outfit - just maybe not this particular one.


Long Locks

Curls just wanna have fun. We’re all for stars playing up their natural curls to add a fun, carefree vibe to formalwear. So, when we saw these beauties doing just that, we couldn’t help but fall in love with the style for a fun-loving Valentine’s Day date!


This Is Us Women

(Photo: E! News)

This Is Us, staring at the sheer perfection that is Mandy Moore - or, as the world now knows her, Rebecca Pearson - at the SAG Awards. The star, along with castmates Chrissy Metz and Susan Kelechi Watson, wore cobalt blue, but was anything but from taking home a win for Outstanding Performance By An Ensemble in a Drama Series. With a teal-infused smokey eye topping off her bouncy curls, this is a look to remember.

Mandy Moore

(Photo: PopSugar)


Yara Shahdi

(Photo: PopSugar)

The Black-ish and Grown-ish actress was all kinds of styl-ish at this year’s SAG Awards. The teen’s Diana Ross-esque locks were the talk of the town, showcasing her fun personality and authentic beauty. Other than a glossy red lip, Yara kept the rest of her makeup subtle, proving that more often than not, less is more. 


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