2017 Spring Hair & Beauty Trends

A new season always presents new fashion trends. Springing forward this year are colorful plays on classic looks that evoke fresh vitality and fun.


Ombre Orange-Red Lips

Yes, this is a thing. Ombre lips have been done in a variety of colors, but these flaming hues have been hitting the runway with a variety of designers for a fresh and sporty feel. If this look was a Hunger Games character, it would be Katniss Everdeen. How to get it: Apply a bright orange-red lipstick and cherry-colored liner to both the upper and lower lip. To finish, dab liquid orange pigment in the center of the mouth.


Mushroom-cut hair

These are not your mom’s bowl cuts. This 80’s/90’s don’t has become a modern ‘do, rocked by fashion risk takers like Rihanna, Janelle Monae, and Miley Cyrus. Not only is it chic and easy, but the extra-short length is perfect for staying cool in warm weather. Getting the cut right is key to the look. Depending on individual style, layers are gradually chopped, textured, and buzzed. Bold hair coloring, crazy earrings, and statement makeup finish the look. Your mom will be proud.


Watercolor eye shadow

Pastel colors are everything spring. Hints of shimmery lavender, chartreuse, aqua, and gold will catch the rays of sun and give off whimsical vibes. To recreate this look, grab your favorite pastel shadow palette and assign zones of your eye for the varying colors: purple on the inner half of the lids, blue on the outer half, green underneath and gold on the outer corners. Half the fun is the idea of “painting” on your eyes and blending shades together to put an artistic touch to your look.


High ponytail

This timeless look is a perfect convergence of natural elegance and practicality. Spraying hair thickening at the roots and working the hair towards the crown will give the height, and using two elastics to secure instead of one will give glamour that lasts through the night. The higher, the better.


Au Naturel

Showing off natural beauty is the very basis of makeup, but recently stars like Alicia Keys have encouraged going makeup-free. Getting the natural look all starts with going back to the basics and making smart decisions about which products to use. Starting with quality primer and foundation to balance your face and adding touches of pink blushes and lip glosses will highlight your natural beauty without leaving you feeling naked.


Blush, blush, and blush

In contrast to the au naturel look, using blush for contouring is the latest. Applying it heavy-handed across your cheekbones, up the temples and even around the corners of the eyes is a dramatic way to draw attention to your face.

No matter what looks you decide to try IRL, one thing is for certain this spring: GO BIG AND GO BOLD!

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Why Balayage is Trending in 2017?

Whether it is makeup, hair, or clothing -- there are always going to be new trends. This latest trend in hair color is really taking over. Move over highlights and lowlights! There is a new boss in town, and its name is balayage. This is one trend that hasn’t gone out of style within the last few years. In fact, it keeps evolving in new ways with various hair lengths and color palette options. It can only get better from here, right?


What is balayage?

The word “balayage” is actually a French term meaning to sweep, brush, or paint. This method of applying lightener or color gives the stylist more control to create finer lines, so the outgrowth is not as drastic as your standard highlight. It’s that natural, sun-kissed coloring we all had in the summer as kids and are dying to get back as adults. This coloring method focuses more on the ends of the hair and the lines become fainter as the stylist works his or her way up to the top of the hairline.


How does the technique work?

Lightener is applied on the surface of the hair. The stylist must make sure that the color does not saturate through the sections of hair until they reach the end portion of each section. This is to help give the hair that soft natural look and avoid those thick streaks of color. Some stylists prefer to do the balayage technique freehanded without using any foils. However, when you are learning, it is best to stick with using foils to prevent any color from bleeding onto other sections of the hair. Though similar, balayage is not the same as the ombre hair technique. Ombre coloring is when the hair is lightened or color in larger sections going from dark to light. This method is not as blended as balayage and is more of a drastic, faded look.


Why is this trend so popular?

This trend is popular not just because it looks great, but maintenance for this coloring technique is half of what it would be with dying or highlights. When a client’s hair grows out after getting balayage, they don’t have to deal with blunt outgrowth sticking out like a sore thumb. Instead, it’s very gradual, and if they let it grow out, the balayage will just take on a darker contrast from dark to light. Some people might even prefer the darker range of tones from their balayage outgrowth.


Ready to start a career in cosmetology?

Balayage is just one of the creative techniques used in cosmetology! If you have an interest in learning more about haircare and beauty this might be the right career path for you. Contact us to find out more about a career in cosmetology and esthetics that works with your schedule. 

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Airbrush Makeup Workshop

Sunday April 9th and Monday April 10th, 9 am until 2 pm

Airbrushing has become one of the premier ways of applying makeup. In this session, we will show the airbrush techniques used to apply a flawless face, without being able to detect the actual application of make-up.


  • Tuition: introductory offer $750 (regularly $1200, $600 for class and $600 for MUD airbrush kit)
  • Limited to 10 artists and industry professionals/8 Continuing Hours Credit granted to Licensed Cosmetologists and Estheticians
  • We strongly encourage you bring your professional makeup brushes and makeup kit
  • The complete airbrush system includes:
    • MUD's HD Air Pro Set - 22 - 1/2 oz. silicone based, long lasting liquid airbrush make-up with a variety of colors to match any skin tone or create any effect
    • Sparmax AC66 Compressor - easy to use, compact, reliable and quiet compressor that is the ultimate choice for superstar quality (110V use only, not to be used with a converter or adapter)
    • Sparmax Airbrush Cleaning Station - equipped with an airbrush hanger, a filter and glass jar to prevent overspray while cleaning the airbrush
    • Nurturing Force Airbrush Cleaner - a chemical-free cleaning fluid that is designed for silicone, water and alcohol based products
    • 5-Piece Cleaning Brush Kit - 5 different brushes to clean the airbrush

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Domestic Violence Course


Available at America’s Beauty Show March 25-27, 2017

Effective January 1, 2017, the Cosmetology Renewal License Domestic Violence Course became law, requiring Illinois salon professionals to complete a one-time, one-hour awareness training about domestic violence and sexual assault for license renewal.


Cosmetologists Chicago (CC) worked closely with Chicago Says No More a coalition of agencies serving those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault and Illinois legislators for almost two years to ensure this requirement would:

1) not take away from the technical and business education salon pros need to pursue their careers, and

2) not hold cosmetologists liable for any action, or inaction, relating to domestic violence or sexual assault information provided to a client, family or friends.


Curriculum for the program, Listen. Support. Connect. is designed exclusively for salon professionals, and developed by experts in domestic violence/sexual assault and Cosmetologists Chicago.


Cosmetologists Chicago has the exclusive right to offer this one-hour training during America’s Beauty Show March 25-27, 2017 at McCormick Place. The one-hour training classes and CEUs will be offered free with admission to America’s Beauty Show.


Click here for the DV/SA training classes.



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