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Pivot Point Academy


Beauty School - Empowering through Education

Pivot Point Academy is a beauty school in Bloomingdale, Illinois that provides hands-on and intuitive cosmetology, barbering, hairdressing, esthetician, makeup, and beauty classes. Our experienced instructors empower students through education and hands-on activities. Enroll in a program to prepare for a career in the beauty industry.

Our beauty school is about you. We believe in people and their potential to take a passion for the crafts of cosmetology and esthetics and elevate them to an art. Our beauty academy is committed to our mission of empowering you - the next generation of beauty professionals - with education that allows you to design the career you want.


At the core of our education is teaching you the why behind the how in areas such as cosmetology, hairdressing, barbering, esthetics, makeup, and other beauty concepts. Pivot Point trained professionals from our beauty school have the knowledge beyond the basics that will make them confident and competitive in our industry. Because our beauty academy is about helping you become the artist you are meant to be, we teach you to see, think, create and adapt to any client or situation.


Enroll in our cosmetology, hairdressing, barbering, esthetics, makeup and beauty classes to enhance your skills. The instructors at our beauty school leverage the latest techniques, technology, and materials to prepare you for a future career in the beauty industry.

The Pivot Point Difference

      Your training isn’t about one product line or personality, it’s about elevating your skills in areas such as cosmetology, hairdressing, esthetics, and makeup to the highest level of artistic creativity.

      The instructors at our beauty school believe in global connection and global beauty. Through our education and study abroad opportunities, you are connected to beauty professionals around the world who are Pivot Point trained and proud.

      Master educators are trained with our proprietary Mindful Teaching Professional development product, and provide clear, consistent training to make the most of your classroom and hands-on experiences.

    The tools and materials at our beauty academy are second to none in the beauty industry. That’s why so many schools around the country and the world use Pivot Point education; even other schools in the Chicago area use our books and online learning.

Enroll Today

Enroll in our state-of-the-art cosmetology, barbering, hairdressing, esthetics, makeup, and beauty classes to prepare for the career of your dreams in the beauty industry.

International Connections

Are you looking for Pivot Point Education outside of the USA? Click here to find Pivot Point schools and distributors throughout the world.