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One of the Top Cosmetology, Esthetics, Barber, & Makeup School to Learn Salon & Spa School Techniques

Enhance Your Cosmetology, Esthetics, Barbering, & Makeup Skills at Our Spa School in the Chicago Area

Are you wondering how to become an esthetician, cosmetologist, or barber? The lessons you gain from our spa school in Bloomingdale, Illinois will take you above and beyond. At Pivot Point Academy, we help you to flourish in your desired profession and acquire a greater knowledge of the beauty industry. Our beauty academy equips you with the resources needed to strive and earn a degree in cosmetology, esthetics, barbering, and makeup. Keep up with the latest and greatest beauty trends, while grasping a firm understanding of beauty techniques and concepts. Enroll in a beauty program at our school today.

Program & School For Cosmetology

Cosmetology is an essential profession, and perhaps the most versatile field in the beauty industry. Are you wondering how to become a professional cosmetologist in the field? Pivot Point Academy is a top Cosmetology school in the state because our programs cover a wide scope of methods utilized in the industry. From face, hair, to skin care, our 1500-clock hour course and school for Cosmetology offers in-depth training and a hands-on approach that will make you an expert cosmetologist. 

Enroll in our cosmetology school and hair color class to master the basic and advanced skills necessary to earn a Cosmetology degree. Educators at Pivot Point Academy guide students to enhance their skills and develop into confident beauty professionals. Here are a few basic concepts covered in our Cosmetology program. 

Hair Care & Sculpting

Sculpting is a technique taught at our spa school in the Chicago suburbs to individuals that are looking to master the process of cutting and forming a client’s hair into a durable style. This technique taught in our school for Cosmetology is a significant part of hair care and is designed to make a hairstyle last for weeks. 

Hair Design

Our program will prepare you to earn a Cosmetology degree by exploring components and principles that allow you to determine which hairstyle best suits your client. Mastering hair design teaches you consistency, precision, and efficiency, giving you the ability to create instead of copy.

Hair Color Class

Coloring is the process of modifying one’s natural hair. In the hair color classes offered at Pivot Point Academy, you’ll master essential hair coloring techniques such as bleaching, highlights, corrective coloring, and more. Most importantly, our program and school for Cosmetology will inform students on how to apply hair coloring in a safe and stylish manner. 

Hair Texturizing

In order to successfully earn a Cosmetology degree, all students are required to be proficient with the latest hair texturizing techniques. This allows you to adapt and design hairstyles befitting to your clients. Distinguish different hair patterns and perms, and create customizable styles that compliment your clients.  

Skin Care

Waxing: Experience in-depth training and techniques at our spa school in Bloomingdale, Illinois, that’ll make you a professional waxer. In our Cosmetology and hairdressing training program that is available to students in the Chicago suburbs, you’ll learn notable methods such as Brazilian and Bikini waxes, and be able to wax legs, stomach, eyebrows, back, and armpits. 

Facials & Body Wraps: Skin care treatments cleanse, moisturize, and exfoliate the skin. In spa school, learn the facets of skin care, and how to apply different types of facials and skin care treatments. Perform anti-aging facials, body and exfoliating scrubs, skin polishes, acne clearing facials, oxygen facials, aromatherapy body wraps, and more. 

Esthetics Program & School

Though Estheticians aren’t medical doctors, they perform vital and advanced skin care techniques that maintain healthy skin. How do you become an esthetician? Students in our three-phase, 750-clock hour program will learn how to become a professional Esthetician and will be able to perform body and skin treatments, facials, waxing, and chemical peels, while understanding an array of skin types. We offer part time day and evenng classes.


Facials deeply cleanse your face and involve masks, moisturizers, serums, facial steams, deep cleanings, exfoliating treatments, and facial massages. The instructors at our spa school in Bloomingdale, Illinois will give you the skills that are required to determine which facial fits your client’s needs and preferences. 

Acne Treatments

Sign up for our spa school to gain an understanding of acne and how to help clients find skin care products conducive to his or her skin type. Whether dry, oily, or sensitive, students in our esthetician school will be able to perform effective exfoliating procedures and treatments.


Before becoming an esthetician in the field, all students at Pivot Point Academy will learn Microdermabrasion, a technique that utilizes superfine crystals or a diamond-tipped wand to remove dead cells from the skin. With this, skin immediately feels softer, has less hyperpigmentation, and improves enlarged pores.

Waxing & Hair Removal

Enroll in our spa school that is available to students in the Chicago suburbs and learn to remove hair effortlessly in common areas such as legs, stomach, eyebrows, chest, back, armpits, and bikini areas.

Makeup Application

In our esthetician's program, students learn how to become an esthetician and apply makeup effortlessly on clients, whether that be for prom, weddings, or a special date night. 

Body Wraps, Masks, & Scrubs

Students that are in our spa school will also learn to exfoliate the skin with various body treatments, masks, and scrubs prior to graduating and becoming an esthetician. These include seaweed body wraps, aromatherapy body wraps, and more.

Barber Program & College

Barbering is better when you’re given the essentials to strive. How do you become a barber in Illinois? Our barber college offers a 1500-clock hour program and a 500-clock hour crossover program that will teach you how to become a barber in the industry. In barber college, you are provided with advanced training in texture, skin care, shaving, grooming, and coloring.

Here Are A Few Fundamentals You’ll Gain From Our Barber College

Hair Cut and Styling: Learn the principles and techniques of hair design at our barber college and program that is available to individuals in the Chicago area such as foundational cuts, tapered cuts, fades, and hair replacement.  

Texture: Learn the various hair patterns and perms to create customizable styles suitable to your client’s hair. Understanding hair texture defines your legitimacy as a barber and allows you to perform quality cuts on many different hair types. 

Hair Coloring: Sign up for our barber college and program to discover how to effectively change a client’s hair color and gain crucial techniques that include corrective coloring, highlights, bleaching, and other coloring methods. 

Facial Hair: Sign up for our barber college in Bloomingdale, Illinois to learn how to best treat facial hair, and understand the techniques of trimming, cutting, dying, shaping, and shaving.

Sign Up for our Barber Program

Now is the time to start the career you have always dreamed of. Enroll in our spa school in Bloomingdale, Illinois today. Our Cosmetology, Barbering, and Esthetics courses are available to students in the Chicago suburbs. Give our team a call by phone at (847) 985-5900 to learn more about the beauty programs at our spa school.