Frequently Asked Questions for Beauty School

Frequently Asked Cosmetology Questions

How Long is Cosmetology School?

The Cosmetology Program at Pivot Point Academy is a total of 1500 Clock Hour Program that that is taught in phases. We offer frequent start dates for our full-time classes in the Cosmetology Program. View the upcoming start dates for the 1500 Clock Hour Cosmetology Program. Enroll in a Cosmetology Program to enhance your skills in areas such as hairstyling, hairdressing, skincare, Esthetics, and nail care.

How Much Is Cosmetology School?

Invest in your future and request Infos for a Cosmetology program today. Tuition for the 1500 Clock Hour Cosmetology program includes registration, equipment, and tuition fees to ensure students have the necessary materials to become proficient in the field of Cosmetology.
Enroll in a Cosmetology program to enhance your skills in areas such as hair texturizing, hairdressing, hair styling, makeup application, facials, waxing, and nail care.

How Do I Get a Cosmetology License?

The state of Illinois requires students to complete a total of 1500 hours of practice at a licensed Cosmetology school to become qualified for a Cosmetology license. The Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation is responsible for overseeing the Cosmetology licensing process and the industry as a whole.

After students complete their 1500 clock hours in a Cosmetology program, they will be required to register for the state board exam by filing and submitting a copy of their transcript to Continental Testing Services, Inc. State Board Examinations are administered by PSI Testing.

A minimum passing score of 75% is required to be considered as passing. Once an applicant has passed the state board exam, they will be required to complete the process of receiving their license with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

All Cosmetology schools in Illinois are required by law to cover techniques such as hair types, chemicals, skin diseases, hair coloring, hair conditioning, haircutting, shaping, thinning, and more.  Call the staff at Pivot Point Academy by phone at (847) 985-5900 to learn more about Cosmetology licenses.

Learn more about our Cosmetology Program at Pivot Point Academy to prepare for your future career.

What is Cosmetology School?

Our Cosmetology school and program are designed to relay the latest innovative hairdressing, hair styling, and haircutting techniques to students. Our instructors and course materials prepare students for a future career in a beauty salon or the television and film entertainment industries. Students in the Chicago suburbs choose to attend Pivot Point Academy because of its hands-on instructors and engaging technology.
Students in our Cosmetology school have access to realistic mannequins and hair to ensure our instructors can provide a realistic and interactive hair design experience.
Also, students have access to LAB, a robust and interactive web-based learning environment that helps enhance their confidence and skills. In addition to hairdressing and hairstyling, the instructors in our Cosmetology school also provide lessons in areas such as makeup application, nail care, skincare, facials, waxing, and esthetics.

Enroll in our Cosmetology program and school to prepare for a career as a hairdresser, salon owner, or makeup artist for the latest television shows and movies.

How to Renew a Cosmetology License

Industry professionals such as salon hairdressers or artists in the entertainment industry that hold a Cosmetology license will be required to renew their Cosmetology license every two (2) years (in odd-numbered years).

Cosmetologists must renew their Cosmetology license prior to September 30th (in odd-numbered years) to prevent the license from becoming inactive.

According to Section 1175.1200, all Cosmetologists that are currently active in the field will need to submit a Cosmetology Renewal Application and participate in a minimum of 14 hours of Continuing Education from a Continuing Education Sponsor that is registered and approved with the Division.

Cosmetologists renewing their licenses are required to fill out the Renewal Application and pay the required fee for license renewal. Click here to find more information regarding renewal.

Cosmetologists may not practice hairdressing, hair styling, skincare, makeup application, or any other beauty treatments with an expired Cosmetology license.

Individuals that choose to practice in the field with an expired license may receive disciplinary actions.

Call the staff at Pivot Point Academy by phone at (847) 985-5900 to learn more about Cosmetology Licenses.

Frequently Asked Esthetics Questions

What is Esthetics School?

Our Esthetics school in Bloomingdale, Illinois will help you become proficient with beauty treatments such as make-up, skin care, skin physiology, microdermabrasion, body treatments, hair removal, and facials.

Prior to graduating with an Esthetician diploma, students will learn about the four major skin conditions that are prominent among different age groups. These include aging, hyperpigmentation, acne and sensitive skin. Our instructors will help you earn the PCA Skin Certification to ensure you are able discuss advanced skin issues and solutions with patients.

Students enrolled in the Esthetics school will also view a chemical peel demonstration that will display the benefits of receiving self-neutralizing peels and facials at a beauty spa. The teachers at Pivot Point Academy will inform students of how to customize skin care treatments by utilizing daily skin care products that are designed to address each patient’s issues.

Each student in our Esthetician classes will also learn the latest makeup application techniques utilized by makeup artists in the movie, television, and fashion industries. Students will learn techniques such as foundation selection and application, how to apply false eyelashes, mascara techniques, and makeup correction methods. All of the instructors in our Esthetics program are MUD certified and are proficient with the most reliable makeup application techniques. Students that are enrolled in our Esthetics program will receive access to the necessary textbooks and online materials such as technical videos about skin care and make-up.

All students that are enrolled at the Esthetics school at Pivot Point Academy in Bloomingdale, Illinois are required to obtain various beauty kits that contain textbooks, tools, and resources. Students will need to purchase the Pivot Point Esthetics Kit, which includes essential materials such as the Salon Fundamentals Esthetics Textbook, a tool bag, a brow or lash groomer, and 2 fan brushes. The next kit that is required at our Esthetics school is the Dermalogica Kit. This includes items such as massage cream, facial sponges, concealing spot treatment, and a MultiVitamin Power Exfoliant. Lastly, all attendees will also be asked to purchase the MUD Beauty Essentials Kit, which includes materials such as cake eyeliner, eye pencils, lipstick, manicure scissors, and foundation palettes.

Enroll in our Esthetics program to earn an Esthetician degree and obtain your dream career.

How Do I Become an Esthetician?

In order to become an Esthetician in Illinois, all students are required to complete an Esthetics program at a state-licensed beauty or esthetics school that is a total of 750 clock hours and pass a state board examination.

Earning a license as an Esthetician will allow you to have your dream career. An Esthetics license will allow you to become a makeup artist, medical esthetician, cosmetics buyer, salesperson, or beauty products writer.

Our Esthetics course is divided into three phases and includes the MUD Makeup 84 Hour Beauty Class and Level 1 Make-up Certification.

Enroll in the 750 Hour Esthetics program at Pivot Point Academy to learn more about skincare and make-up application.

What is an Esthetician’s Salary?

Careers in the field of Esthetics are predicted to grow by 25 percent nationwide, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The field of Esthetics provides endless career opportunities in areas such as skincare, hair removal, make-up, body treatments, and microdermabrasion. Various ways to boost your salary in the Esthetician industry include developing integrated marketing programs for your salon or spa, developing a reliable client base that relies on your services, and providing incomparable beauty treatments that stand apart from the competition. For more information on earning potential, please visit this website.

Enroll in an Esthetics program at Pivot Point Academy in Bloomingdale, Illinois to learn more about make-up, skin treatments, hair removal, and skin physiology.

How Long Does It Take to Become an Esthetician?

All students are required to complete a total of 750 clock hours of classroom/practical instruction in a state-approved Esthetics program to earn a diploma.

Once students complete the Esthetics course and earn their diploma, students will have to pass a state board written exam with a minimum passing score of 75% to receive an Esthetician License from the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation.
After obtaining an Esthetician license in Illinois, industry professionals will be required to renew their licenses every two years.

The Esthetician license renewal process will consist of participating in 10 hours of Continuing Education from an approved Continuing Education Sponsor during the most recent licensure period to ensure each professional is informed on the latest make-up, skincare, and facial techniques.

Enroll in our Esthetics school in Bloomingdale, Illinois to become an Esthetician.

How Much is Esthetician School?

Making an investment in Esthetician school is vital if you want to master the latest make-up, skincare, facial, body treatment, and microdermabrasion treatments.

Tuition includes the registration fee, books and equipment, and tuition costs. Financial aid is available for those that qualify. In addition, students can apply for various scholarship opportunities that are available.

Enroll in our 750 Hour Esthetics Program to learn more about skincare, make-up, and more.

Frequently Asked Barber Questions

How to Become a Barber?

With men looking to get the latest trending hairstyles, the barber industry is rapidly expanding in the Chicago suburbs. Professionals in the barbering industry must be proficient with the latest haircuts and hair highlighting techniques for men. In order to earn a barber license in the state of Illinois, students are required to complete a 1500 Clock Hour Barber Program and pass a state licensing exam. The barber program at Pivot Point Academy is designed to help students become proficient with concepts such as hair or scalp treatments, haircutting, hairstyling, highlights, hair coloring, shaving, and facial or scalp massages.

After you complete your barber program at Pivot Point Academy, you will be required to apply for the state board exam. Once you have filed for the state board examination, you will have a total of 60 days to take the exam. This exam will test your knowledge in areas such as haircutting, styling, skin histology, draping techniques, electricity, and more. You must achieve a minimum passing score of 75% in order to be eligible to obtain a barber license from the state of Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation.

Lastly, all applicants that pass the state board exam will be required to submit an official application for an Illinois barber license prior to practicing in the field.

You are required to renew your Illinois barber license every odd-numbered year by July 31st.

Enroll in a barber class at Pivot Point Academy to receive your barber license and begin your dream career.

We will soon start classes at our new Campus, Wahl Barber Academy, a barber school only. Located near O’Hare Airport and easily accessed from the CTA blue line, the Wahl Barber Academy has assembled a team of leading licensed instructors who demonstrate technical skills and the ability to inspire and motivate students.

How Long is Barber School?

Barber programs are 1500 Clock Hour for all students in Illinois. Our barber program will help students become proficient with techniques such as barbershop management, bacteriology, haircutting, hair styling, light therapy, hair or scalp treatments, facial massages, hair coloring, skin disorders, and other Illinois laws or regulations

Enroll in a barber program at our beauty school to learn more about hair cutting and styling.

How Much Is Barber School?

Invest in your future career by signing up for the Barber 1500 Clock Hour Program at Pivot Point Academy in Bloomingdale, Illinois.

The total cost of the tuition will vary depending on the program selected by students.

Cosmetologists that hold an active Cosmetology and are employed in the field can receive credit for up to 1000 hours towards the 1500 Clock Hour requirement.

Tuition includes the registration fee, books and equipment, and tuition costs. Financial aid is available for those that qualify. Also, students can apply for available various scholarship opportunities.

Enroll in our barber school to enhance your skills in areas such as haircutting, skincare, shaving, hair coloring, and grooming.


  • I was recently at your Bloomingdale location this past Saturday.  Christopher cut my hair as well as did a color correction w/high lights.  Even though I was there for 5 hours he took his time to make sure that the job was being done right and asked instructors for feedback etc when needed.

    Well, the outcome came out FANTASTIC. I posted my picture on my Facebook as well as my personal weight watchers profile and I was bombarded with so many likes saying how cute the color/cut came out and how it complements my newly thinned out features.   I went drastic with a modified pixie cut and I went for it 🤣!!

    I’m hoping that Christopher is available the next time I go for a trim and touch up 😊😊

    Linda B.

    I chose pivot point intentionally because I’ve always loved makeup. Going through all the phases and learning all the curriculum I’ve never been so happy to become a well-rounded hairstylist knowing all techniques and learning all different hair types. I’ve never been so blessed to be working at Sharon Daniel Salon to further my career and make everyone feel beautiful!

    Alissa M.
  • I chose Pivot Point because of its professional but fun atmosphere. I feel that they took cosmetology as seriously as I did but everyone was still warm and welcoming! I am now working at a Redken elite salon in Chicago and I feel like I’ve found a home in my rising salon!

    Mikey D.

    Pivot Point Academy is not only a school, it is a home. This place helped me branch out into a whole different person. I tried things I never knew I would try and accomplished so much more than I would’ve ever thought. Pivot Point allowed me to find another home at Sorelle Salon in Bartlett. I am a full-time stylist now doing hair, makeup, spray tans, lash extensions, lash lifts, and nails! This industry offers so much and Pivot Point helped me realize beauty is unstoppable!

    Gabby B.
  • I chose Pivot Point Academy because I wanted a supportive, family-like school. I knew from the minute I toured the academy; I was home. The educators were amazing, my classmates were always cheering me on and the rest of the team always had my back. I knew going to Pivot Point I would have the best cosmetology education and opportunities following graduation. I was given all of that, plus so much more.

    Savannah F.

    I chose Pivot Point because it had always been highly recommended to me and frankly; no other school compared. I felt welcomed and at home right away, so I knew it was the right choice. After graduating from Pivot Point, I was able to come across an amazing job opportunity at The Mixx Hair Salon where I am now a full-time hairstylist and lead makeup artist.

    Nathaly L.