October 27, 2023

6 Careers You Can Have as an Esthetician

Becoming an esthetician can be a noble calling. Estheticians work exclusively with matters of skin health, beauty, and rejuvenation. This may sound like a narrow scope, but you might be surprised just how many job opportunities are available for skilled estheticians ranging from beauty spas to health clinics.

As health and wellness take the spotlight, there is a growing demand for skincare and natural beauty services. Estheticians can work in many different contexts allowing a licensed esthetician to find their dream job.

What kind of job can you get as an esthetician? Let’s explore the possibilities.

The Role of a Licensed Esthetician

A licensed esthetician trains for months to learn how to provide expert skincare, health, and beauty treatments all focused on the skin. Estheticians can provide facials, exfoliation, peels, and other delicate treatments of the face, but they can also aid in skin health regarding the rest of the body. Estheticians help people discover the best treatment options for their specific skin type and health or beauty concerns.

Six Career Paths for an Esthetician

If you are an esthetician or considering going through esthetician training, what careers can you look forward to? Estheticians can find work wherever skincare and skin treatments are a priority. This includes resorts, spas, high-end salons, and even medical clinics. We have spotlighted six different career paths that an esthetician can follow using your specialized skills to make people’s lives better.

1) Spa Esthetician

A spa esthetician provides therapeutic skin treatments inside a spa setting. You can find spa estheticians in resort and hotel spas, luxury spas, hot spring spas, and offering advanced services in massage therapy spas.

Spa estheticians specialize in facials, exfoliation, and whole-body skin treatments like body wraps or salt scrubs. If you take a role as a spa esthetician, you will likely also be called upon to consult with clients on which spa treatments will help them achieve their goals of beauty and skin health based on each person’s type of skin, current condition, and desired results.

2) Medical Esthetician

A medical esthetician provides a valuable service in helping people recover from skin-related damage. Medical estheticians often work within medical and recovery clinics. You may work with burn patients, people recovering from surgery, or advising on healing skin treatments for those with challenging dermatological conditions. Medical estheticians often work alongside dermatologists, oncologists, and restorative plastic surgeons to help clients avoid scarring, heal, and feel beautiful again.

3) Makeup Artist

Estheticians can also become makeup artists, as well. They are particularly good at working with clients who have sensitive skin and hard-to-match skin tones because estheticians are experts in skin. As a makeup artist, an esthetician can help clients choose products that will promote healthy skin and avoid the damage common among those who wear makeup on a daily basis.

Estheticians make excellent makeup artists and are typically good at promoting both stylized and natural beauty.

4) Waxing Specialist

Waxing is something that not everyone’s skin can handle easily. This is where estheticians can offer their valuable expertise. As a waxing specialist, estheticians are more qualified and skilled than most at ensuring wax is exactly the right heat and consistency to achieve the client’s goals without leaving damaged skin in their wake. Anyone who’s had a bad waxing knows how important it is for waxing specialists to understand and care about the client’s skin.

5) Spa Owner

Estheticians also make excellent spa owners. As experts in skincare, an esthetician can curate a selection of treatments that can leave clients feeling truly rejuvenated, with healthily glowing skin after each therapeutic package. An esthetician’s specific training also helps them prepare to guide other therapy specialists such as massage therapists and cosmetologists to create a complete health and beauty experience.

6) Beauty Blogger / Influencer

Lastly, estheticians can share their expertise with others. An esthetician may become a beauty and skincare consultant for a company or venue, or they can work for themselves as a beauty blogger and influencer. Sharing your personal tips, tricks, and views on healthy, beautiful skin can be a great way to build a following and even secure a source of income. A blogger/influencer esthetician will be answering questions from the audience, taking requests, and showing special techniques. If you are particularly successful, you can become a well-known and trusted voice in the beauty industry for skincare, skin recovery, and achieving a healthy glow.

The Benefits of Becoming an Esthetician

Training as an esthetician instills skills that you can build into a career in several different contexts.

Many Career Opportunities

Whether you lean toward beauty consulting or medical therapy, estheticians can always find a place where their skills are welcome.

Valuable Lifelong Skills

Estheticians gain insights into skin health that others can’t imagine, like why some foundations cause breakouts, how skincare should adapt to the weather, and how to prevent scars after an injury. This is because estheticians study the very nature of skin and healthy skincare. You will carry these skills with you through a lifetime no matter what career path you choose.

Rewarding Work

Lastly, esthetician careers are rewarding across the board. You are in the business of making people feel beautiful, whether you work in a spa, a salon, or a medical clinic. If you want to make a positive difference in others’ lives each day, being an esthetician gives you the opportunity to help people achieve both a beautiful glow and learn more about how to keep their own skin healthy for a lifetime.

Explore Esthetician Training with Pivot Point Academy

Becoming an esthetician offers many career paths that are not only promising but also can be deeply rewarding. Explore your passions and interests in skincare, health, and beauty through our esthetician program at Pivot Point Academy. Contact us today to learn more about our esthetician programs.