August 2, 2023

Cosmetology vs Barbering

In the realm of personal grooming and beauty, two professions often emerge as prominent and pivotal: barbering and cosmetology. Both barbers and cosmetologists specialize in hair care, but they diverge in their approach, training, and scope of services. Learn more about the differences between these two professions and explore their unique contributions to the world of beauty. Find the right program for you and your future!

What is Cosmetology?

On the other hand, cosmetology is a more comprehensive field that expresses various aspects of beauty and haircare. Cosmetologists undergo extensive training covering hair, skincare, makeup, and nail care. This diverse skill set allows them to cater to a broader clientele and offer a wide range of services.

Cosmetologists work in salons, spas, and other beauty establishments, catering to both men and women. They are proficient in cutting and styling hair, as well as coloring and chemical treatments. Beyond hair care, cosmetologists excel in providing skincare treatments, makeup application, and nail services like manicures and pedicures. Moreover, cosmetologists often act as beauty advisors, helping their clients understand and choose the right products and routines for their specific needs. 

Cosmetology vs Barbering

What Can You Learn in Cosmetology School?

Wondering if a future in cosmetology could be right for you? At Pivot Point Academy, we teach you how to think, create, and adapt to any client or situation. Here is what you can expect from our four-phase cosmetology program:

  • Phase 1: Master the Foundation of Cosmetology
    Apply the four cornerstones of hair design in our hair program: see, think, create, and adapt! Explore the fundamentals of sculpture (men’s and women’s), hair design, and long hair design on multiple hair textures.
  • Phase 2: Take a Hands-on Approach
    Prepare for salon life by practicing your skills hands-on in our student salon and spa. Solidify your foundational skills in advanced workshops, and gain additional skills in coloring, texture services, and client communication.
  • Phase 3: Advance Your Skills in Cosmetology
    Build on previous skills as you advance your knowledge in nail care, skincare, makeup, and salon business. This phase will also strengthen your skills in guest relations and efficiency.
  • Phase 4: Work and Prepare
    Prepare for final testing and to sit for the Illinois state licensure exam as you continue perfecting your skills in our student salon.

We are committed to nurturing your passion for cosmetology and supporting your journey towards a fulfilling career. With our well-structured and comprehensive program, you can complete your training in as little as 12 months, setting you on a path to success in this exciting and ever-evolving industry. Embrace your creativity, explore your potential, and embark on an inspiring career in cosmetology with us. Your future awaits, and Pivot Point Academy is here to help you achieve it.

What is Barbering?

Barbering is an ancient profession that dates back to ancient civilizations. The origins of barbering can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where barbers played multifaceted roles beyond grooming. In the Middle Ages, barbers were not just hairdressers but also acted as medical practitioners, often performing surgeries, dentistry, bloodletting, and even more complex medical procedures. Over the years, the role of barbers has evolved, but their dedication to the art of male grooming remains timeless.

A licensed barber undergoes specific training to master techniques like clipper cutting, straight razor shaving, and intricate beard styling. Barbershops have a distinct atmosphere, often characterized by the camaraderie and conversations shared among patrons and barbers alike. It’s a place where men can find comfort and community while getting a fresh haircut or a classic shave.

Barbers have a deep understanding of various hair and beard textures, ensuring that their clients receive personalized and tailored services. They also stay updated on current trends in men’s grooming, making them professionals in their field.

Cosmetology vs Barbering

What Can You Learn in Barber School?

As a barber student, you can expect to learn hair cutting, men’s shaving, grooming, and basic skincare, along with all of the skills that can help future barbers keep up with industry trends.

At Pivot Point Academy help our students to become industry ready through a three-phase barber program where you can refine your technical skills with earlier hands-on practice and business strategy. Here is what our programs have to offer: 

  • Phase 1: Craftsmanship of Barbering
    Gain a solid foundation in cuts, shaves, trims, facial hair, and color. We have workshops already in Phase 1 so you can put your hands on hair earlier!
  • Phase 2: Enhance Craftsmanship of Barbering
    Add styling to your foundational skills by working with models. Choose to extend your hours or keep them the same to create a schedule that works for you!
  • Phase 3: Getting Ready for the Shop Life
    Serve guests on the clinic floor and prepare for your state test. Learn the final skills you need to become industry-ready.

embark on a journey that will shape you into a skilled, confident, and successful barber, ready to make your mark in the world of hairstyling and grooming. Join us and turn your passion for barbering into a fulfilling and rewarding profession!

What Does It Take To Become a Cosmetologist or Barber?

One of the main differences between barbers and cosmetologists lies in the licensing requirements. The education and training hours for these licenses may vary depending on the state. In Illinois, barber and cosmetology students must complete a minimum of 1500 hours to sit for the state exam. In some cases, students can choose to pursue both licenses and enhance their skills in the industry. 

Become a Student at Pivot Point Academy – Wahl Barber Academy (coming soon)!

We are all about setting our cosmetology and barber students for success. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our Bloomingdale campus or have a look at our new Chicago Barber School campus.  A tour can help you decide which program is right for you and your goals. We are here to answer any questions you may have!