May 27, 2023

Why Attend A School That Teaches You About Money

MONEY EDU by Qnity is a turn-key financial literacy curriculum designed exclusively for students pursuing a career in beauty and wellness. Designed for a visual learner, this program is a flexible curriculum enhancement for schools teaching barber, cosmetology, esthetics, and nails. Based on Qnity’s award-winning simple, visual, and approachable learning methodology proven in the professional space, students will gain practical financial education that directly relates to their chosen careers. Teaching about money provide students with financial literacy training and empowers a long and prosperous career in their craft of choice.

Based on Qnity surveys, over 68% of beauty and wellness, professionals have some form of math or money anxiety, and over 70% of students have had ZERO financial education. While money may not be your primary motivator, understanding money is critically important. By attending a MONEY Edu school, not only will you get the best technical training you’ll also experience top financial education made simple and visual. The objective is to gain top technical skills and how to understand money – What you’ll learn.

About the Curriculum

MONEY is an eight-module curriculum covering the most important money-related topics for students to learn before they enter the workforce: money mindset, bringing money in, managing money out, tax truths, and so much more. Each module consists of five video lessons, discussion questions, assessments, activities, and real-life MONEY stories from experienced professionals to bring each lesson to life. All featuring Qnity’s award-winning visual thinking tool, the 9Grid™.

Why financial literacy matters

A powerful curriculum to help create economic empowerment for the beauty and wellness space and it starts with empowering future generations with critical money education BEFORE they enter the workforce. Check out these stats (all according to Qnity pre-program surveys)

  • When surveyed, the three most common words associated with money by students were “stress” “hard” and “anxiety.”
  • 68% of beauty and wellness professionals state they have MONEY ANXIETY; meaning they feel a sense of fear, angst, or dread on the topic.
  • About 70% of beauty and wellness professionals stated they have had ZERO financial-related education.
  • Both students and professionals rated themselves as 5/10 on financial literacy.


On average, students reported over a 50% improvement in ‘financial confidence’ after completing MONEY EDU by Qnity.

Start your journey by requesting more information about our programs. Note: This curriculum may be not available for all programs and at all times.