April 4, 2023

Academic Achievement Award

At Pivot Point Academy we are awarding commitment, dedication, and passion. We have created this award based on the excellence of our students. We have seen in the past some amazing achievements in goal setting to complete the program with 100% attendance. Our licensure rates are incredible and passing their state boards on their first attempt. With these amazing goals as an academy, we created this award to celebrate their drive, focus, and accomplishments.

Academic Achievement Award Criteria

Enrolled students receive up to 10% of their tuition (from $1,000 to more than $2,000 based on the amount of tuition)  when they complete the program with perfect attendance (100%), a Grade Point Average of 93% or above, and PASS their state board exam on their first attempt.

We started this award program in mid-2021. Until the end of 2022, we proudly announced  9 award winners. We saw 1 Barber student, 4 Cosmetology students, and 3 Ethetics students receiving this award for their outstanding achievement.

It is achievable!

Academic Achievement Award Process

The process is based on transparency and opportunities for improvement during your time as a student. Pivot Point Academy gives a progress report on the 1st of every month to each student. This gives the students the opportunity to maintain and track their GPA and attendance throughout their journey to reach the qualifications for the Academic Achievement Award. We have various extra-hour opportunities. Some examples of catching up on your attendance are: joining the Student Council, participating in Bloomingdale Chamber of Commerce events, and attending outreach events like community and high school fashion shows. We also attend local Barber shows as well as America’s Beauty Show which is held every April at the Rosemont Convention Center. Your commitment counts!

Academic Achievement Award Winner and their Thoughts

Here are a couple of our Award winners and their thoughts on what it took to achieve this award. Enjoy reading some of their testimonials.

Cosmetology Graduates

“This year of school wasn’t the easiest, but it was all worth it in the end. Clocking out was one of the best feelings on top of receiving an award for my outstanding attendance and academic behavior throughout the school year. When realizing I qualified for this achievement award it was like a shock. I heard about this award when I first started school, but I was so focused on my studies and learning new things that it slipped my mind. This goes to acknowledge the fact everything I did to receive the award was simply for me. I wanted to ensure that I graduated being the best cosmetologist I can be and not for the award. Receiving this award just proves how hard I’ve worked all year and I couldn’t be prouder of myself and my accomplishments. However, my journey won’t stop here. I have a lifetime to go more skills to learn and more sleepless nights to perfect my craft. This is only the beginning… “ Amani

“I am so pleased to have received the Achievement Reimbursement Incentive from Pivot Point! It is something I have been working towards for the past 11 months since first being introduced to the possibility by Ms. Denise Provenzano, the owner. Since the award aligned with my pre-existing values, the drive to finish school with 100% attendance, good academic standing, and a passing score on the state board test was only enhanced. Appreciative that my school rewards dedicated and hardworking students in this manner.” Cora


Esthetics Graduates

I genuinely enjoyed my time spent at Pivot Point Academy. I felt welcomed and appreciated by all the staff, and that’s why I chose this school for my education. I won’t say it was easy because nothing worth having is easy but my esthetics teacher Ms.Diana made the process much smoother. She broke down all the information in a way I understood and cared about my individual feelings and grades. I worked on every assignment and every exam to the best of my ability, mostly because I loved learning all the information that’s why I chose this as my career because it’s what I’m passionate about. I really devoted my time and effort to this program as I was also working part-time while going to school full-time. It was definitely worth it and I have zero regrets so if you’re interested in this industry I would 100% recommend it and 100% recommend Pivot Point Academy.” Destiny

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