April 30, 2023

5 Reasons Barbers Love Their Careers

Are you considering a career in barbering? While traditional four-year universities are a great option for some, the rise of the “gig economy” shows those who attend trade schools are reaping significant benefits as well. At Pivot Point Academy with our two locations Pivot Point Academy in Bloomingdale, Illinois, and Wahl Barber Academy in Chicago, Illinois, we are proudly watching our students graduate and start their dream careers. You are wondering if barbering is right for you? Here you find five reasons we hear over and over from barbers about why they choose this trade and love their careers.


Barbering is a profession that has been around for centuries and has stood the test of time. Barbers have been providing grooming services for centuries, and the demand for their services has only increased over time resulting in a bright outlook.

Hair never stops growing… barbering is time and recession-proof, so you will always be in demand even during tough economic times. Barbering offers a lot of flexibility and different work and business models with different time commitments.

Let’s have a more detailed look into the five reasons why barbers love their careers.

1 Skip Traditional College

For various reasons, traditional college isn’t the right choice for everyone. Barber students like the idea of skipping the typical four-year degree and getting a barber license in as little as a year (IL requests 1,500 hours).  You may also find yourself graduating with significantly less debt. The average cost of attendance in 2023 for a student living on campus at a public 4-year in-state institution is $25,707 per year or $102,828 over 4 years. Out-of-state students pay $44,014 per year or $176,056 over 4 years. Private, nonprofit university students pay $54,501 per year or $218,004 over 4 years. Compare that to the cost of a typical barbering program. We think numbers speak for themselves. Numbers aside, most importantly, what is a better fit for you and your passion?

2 The creative environment

Barbering allows you to provide a service that indulges and enriches your creative and artistic side. Today’s barber does much more than just take a bit off the top and sides! Many people express themselves through their hairstyles and that means plenty of different looks to create. In this industry, creativity rules. Barbering can truly be an art form. If working in an industry that values creativity sounds great to you, barbering may be the way to go!

3 Work-Life Balance

In the barbering industry, there are several paths to becoming your own boss. That could mean no more working graveyard shifts to make the extra dollar an hour or having to get vacation days approved! Your time could be your own. You could decide when to work, how much to charge, and everything in between. There’s even the possibility of becoming a traveling barber or stage artist which could give you the opportunity to see the world (and deduct the travel expenses from your taxes as a bonus!). Imagine having a career that offers you that kind of freedom!

4 Unique Career Options

Speaking of awesome barbering jobs, the options are almost endless. Not only is travel a possibility but so are options like becoming an influencer, a high-end barbershop stylist, a brand ambassador, an educator, a blogger, a celebrity stylist—do you see where we are going with this? Once you meet the licensure requirements for barbering, you can use your unique skills and talents in the professional hair industry in whatever way you decide. It really is a choose-your-own-journey type of future, and the options are almost limitless! The ability to make a career for yourself that uniquely fits your talents and passions is another reason we hear from barbers about why they are so glad they chose to barber.

Barber Salary in IL can go up to $80,000 depending on factors including education, skills, experience, hours per week, employer, and location.  This is based on data from 83 TurboTax users who reported their occupation as barbers and includes taxable wages, tips, bonuses, and more.

5 Improving People’s Lives

The deep sense of fulfillment that comes from enjoying meaningful work. It’s true that barbers do not improve people’s lives in the way a doctor would. However, getting to spend every day building people’s self-esteem, hearing their stories, and making an impact on their lives is something truly special. A confident person puts himself or herself out there, meets new people, and explores new opportunities. They might even land a new job or attract a long-term partner because they felt good enough about themselves to take the chance. If the choice is between being in an office sitting in front of a computer from 9-5 or being on your feet, on your own time, making others feel good about themselves, well, what would you choose?


In conclusion, barbers love their careers for several reasons, including cost-efficient education, creativity, social interaction, flexibility, job security, and personal satisfaction.

Get started on this new and rewarding career by enrolling in our Barber Program, which provides all of the essentials you will need. Approved by the State of IL and accredited by NACCAS. Full- and part-time day and evening programs are offered. Financial aid is available to those who qualify. The next step in helping to change people’s lives starts with changing your own.