June 7, 2022

Top 5 Skills You Can Learn in a Cosmetology Program

The beauty industry is a great choice when thinking about your future because it can provide endless opportunities to those who pursue it. Cosmetology is one area you can specialize in when you choose to enter this industry. It can strengthen skills and allow you to express yourself creatively. But what kind of skills does a cosmetology program teach? Keep reading to find out!

1. Enhance Your Hairstyling Skills

One of the  most important skills you will be required to have prior to becoming a cosmetologist is hairstyling. With so many hairstyles to choose from, you’ll need to learn basic cosmetology skills to ensure you can provide your future clients with the looks they desire. You’ll spend hours perfecting the hairdressing skills needed to help your clients achieve their goals.

 The process of understanding and manipulating hairstyles will be a large portion of of your time in cosmetology school. A cosmetology program will help you understand why different hair types act the way they do, how to work with different hair textures, and how to perform basic chemical processing such as perms, highlights, dyes and more.

woman's hair being dyed

At Pivot Point Academy, we strive to provide our students with the knowledge and experience required to become a cosmetologist. If you complete your requirements to earn a  diploma from a trusted beauty school, you could  be prepared to apply for a cosmetology license in Illinois. At Pivot Point Academy, our beauty academy and programs are here to help you improve your hairstyling skills.  

2. Improve Your Client Communication Skills

In addition to learning hair and makeup techniques, each student can also learn the communication skills needed to be a c in the field. Communication is important in client relationships. Knowing exactly what your client wants and setting the expectations at a level you can perform are vital to trustworthy relationships with clients. So is being equipped to answer questions and direct them in proper care and maintenance after their appointment To do so, you must have strong communication skills, something you can learn in cosmetology school.

3. Master Basic Skin Care in a Cosmetology Program

The next step to becoming a cosmetologist is to learn the basics of achieving and maintaining healthy skin. As our body’s largest organ, maintaining healthy skin should be a top priority. Our Cosmetology program can teach you how to keep your clients’ skin healthy and glowing through learning anatomy and basic physiology skills.

esthetician working on client's face

If you want to learn more advanced skincare, enrolling in an esthetics program is important! A cosmetology program can teach you skincare basics, but in an esthetics program you can learn important skincare treatments such as facials and other spa services. These skills can not only help your clients, but they can also help you become an excellent esthetician.  At Pivot Point Academy, we offer both cosmetology and esthetics programs so you can be free to pursue whichever future you desire. 

4. Our Cosmetology Program Can Help Students Master Business Management

Beyond learning the hands-on skills of becoming a great cosmetologist, our cosmetology program can teach you how to manage your future business. To be successful in this industry, you may need in-depth business training to prepare you for a prosperous future.You can learn everything from managing your books to managing employees, preparing you for running your own beauty salon. With our business lessons, you can learn how to:

    • Attract, maximize and retain clients
    • Communicate better with clients
    • Build your self-confidence
    • Create a culture of hospitality
    • And more!

At Pivot Point Academy you can learn what it takes to be successful with cosmetology as a business.

5. Learn The Latest Makeup Techniques in Our Cosmetology Program

The cosmetology program at Pivot Point Academy can also help students master the latest makeup skills needed to become a professional cosmetologist. Mastering the art of makeup can be difficult, but knowing how to help clients match their makeup and hair may be an important aspect of your career in cosmetology.

In cosmetology school, you can learn the right tools to have on hand for perfecting your clients makeup needs. You may also learn how to provide flawless looks for your clients, through perfecting coloring and blending techniques. These skills will help you apply makeup to all skin types, face shapes and coloring. Pivot Point Academy also offers a Mud Makeup course to further your education in makeup and take your knowledge to the next level.

Perfect your Skills at Pivot Point Academy

If you’re thinking about becoming a cosmetologist or skin care expert, sign up for a Cosmetology or Esthetics course at Pivot Point Academy! We also offer other programs to students looking to prepare for a career in the Barbering industry. We strive to prepare our students  to leave our school with  knowledge and confidence to pursue a future in cosmetology.

Interested in starting your journey in cosmetology? Contact us for more information on our programs. We’d love to help you get started on your future at Pivot Point Academy!