September 2, 2021

The first day of a program

The start day of a new program is always a day full of excitement and discovery. It is the start date of your journey. This day includes activities like Pivot Point Academy staff and student introduction and the first orientation in policies, procedures, locker assignment, and academy catalog. Of course, the most exciting part – the kit revealing is part of it. Unpack boxes, and get your hand on tools, t-shirts, jackets. Setup your iPad to have access to LAB, an online learning environment that keeps you connected both in and of the classroom.


Some first day’s hints. Let’s start on time, please arrive 15 minutes before start time. Dress code: solid black professional clothes, closed-toe black shoes. All tools are supplied except for common school supplies like an iPad case, notebook, and pens/pencils.

Hair design relies on the artist’s vision and the tools and techniques needed to carry out that vision.

October 2021 Class start

Please join and welcome our October 2021 Cosmetology Students. They started their journey to become professionals over the next 11 -12 months. Let’s go!

New class of students Oct, 2021

August 2021 Class start

A warm welcome to our August 2021 Cosmetologist Students. So excited for your journey to start with us.


Journey to become industry-ready!. Focus is on hair cutting, men’s shaving, grooming, basic skincare, current with the industry trends, and more. Our three-phased program offers earlier hands-on practice, more hair, and includes business skills. Show up and let your journey start.

Barber class until August 2021

These students will become well-rounded barbers in every aspect. Welcome!

A warm welcome to our new Pivot Point Academy Barbers in February 2022. Starting their journeys to barbering with Pivot Point Academy barber program. Thank you for selecting our Academy as their Barberschool of choice.