January 27, 2021


As part of an industry that values design and creativity, it’s essential to always keep LAB fresh and contemporary, while adding new and meaningful features. Lab 2.0 reflects a contemporary design.

Mobile compatibility fully included. No matter what, you can perform every function on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Anytime, anywhere.

LAB 2.0 is coming during the first half-year of 2021 to Pivot Point Academy in Bloomingdale, IL a suburb of Chicago.

Features You Will Love

  • Robust Reporting
  • Simple Login Process
  • Upgraded Testing Experience
  • Enhanced Feedback Loop
  • Private Messaging Function
  • Interactive Calendar

These features make your life easier and you will love them right away.


Question Navigation – Live snapshot within the assessment window that shows you which questions you have answered and which not. Students can flag questions they want to revisit and jump directly to a specific question by clicking the navigation question number.

Reporting Direct Access – You have direct access to your own test results, which enable you to review the reports by yourself.

Progress Snapshots – You can visually see your progress through your learning path, learning path groups, and individual lessons.

Distance Learning – More detailed logging allows for more precise tracking of time spent online. Learners like you have direct access to view their time spent online through a common interface and allow them to pull reports for themselves.

Modern Technology And Tools Behind

Proven Technology — LAB 2.0 is built entirely in the Amazon Web Services cloud, ensuring that LAB is always operating on the most flexible, reliable, and scalable cloud infrastructure currently available.

System Automation – LAB 2.0 uses automated tools to deploy updates, ensuring consistent and reliable deployments. Always up to date.

Advanced-Data Protection – Multiple layers of protection are built into LAB 2.0 architecture. Automated replication of live data and backups ensure that data is always protected and never vulnerable to a single point of failure.

Auto-Save Assessments – Assessments are automatically saved in the background as the learner progresses through it, eliminating the risk that progress is lost due to a service disruption, Internet outage, or any other similar event.

Detailed Lesson Activity Logging – LAB 2.0 tracks user activity at the click level, which guarantees there is always a thorough record of user activity within the platform and allows for more accurate and detailed reporting.

Need Help?

If you are having an issue with LAB 2.0, please contact the Pivot Point support group listed on the login page of LAB where you can either Start a Live Chat or Call the Phone Number on the login screen.