January 27, 2021


Fundamentals: Esthetics is a digitally enhanced curriculum that utilizes Pivot Point’s newly revamped online learning platform (LAB 2.0). Starting in Q1, 2021 with this new curriculum at Pivot Point Academy an esthetician school. You can perform every function on your iPad which is part of our Esthetics package.

Learning available anytime, anywhere – simply distance-education optimized!

Foster Career-Ready Individuals

Go beyond successful licensure pass rates and entry-level proficiency. Empower you with confidence in core knowledge and needed critical-thinking skills for a sustainable career.

Stronger Together

Developed in partnership with a diverse group of industry experts, you will graduate knowing the diversity of your clientele impacts your decision-making process for what and how to offer an excellent experience to individual guests. Diana Arce Lead Master Esthetics Educator at Pivot Point Academy was a member of this expert team to verify the quality and provide input and pragmatical expertise to the creation of this curriculum. Pivot Point Academy is acting as the research academy for Pivot Point International.

A Curriculum That Raised The Bar

Combined with LAB, lessons are more flexible and give you structured guidance, empowering you to access your content, assignments, and assessments anywhere and anytime.

Esthetics Fundamentals on LAB 2.0

The curriculum includes:

  • 11 Areas of Study
  • 63 Theory Lessons
  • 49 Workshops

Interactive curriculum and collaborative social learning tools make learning fun, enabling you, the learner. to interact and share with others.

The unique Skin Assessment and Recommendation System coaches critical thinking and treatment adaptation for clients’ unique skincare needs.

Hands-on workshops designed first to zero in on efficiency and accuracy in your skillset, then move on to full services and treatments, focusing on adapting and decision-making for individual clients. Besides, you gain hands-on practical experience and welcome guests at our student spa.