January 10, 2021

For The Love Of Barbering

When seeking a definition of “barbering,” the words “cut,” “trim,” “shave,” and similar others are first to appear. But what also appear are the words “art” and “science.”

The Latin word “barba” means “beard,” but today’s barbering professionals attend to so much more: Haircuts, specific styling techniques, shaved-in designs, facial hair shaping, beard shaving, and trimming, not to mention the mastery of the tools required for these tasks. It’s a dynamic and exciting field.

A Study From Pivot Point Academy Barber Students

Most Pivot Point Academy students are enrolled because of a love for the craft. A recent survey showed that a full 50% of respondents, with varying degrees of experience, cited a “passion for hair cutting and styling.” Others acknowledged their respect and interest for the industry, a talent toward hair artistry, family familiarity & encouragement, and a zeal for customer service.

A love for the craft of barbering

Pivot Point Academy’s main attraction to prospective students is overwhelmingly its stellar reputation: “the Harvard of hair,” as one student put it. From the faculty to the curriculum and everything in between, Pivot Point Academy is the gold standard for training and education. The fact that Pivot Point Academy offers a best-fit schedule, as well as financial aid and other support, is the second-most cited benefit to incoming students.

Main attractions to become a barber

Do you feel that pull toward the art of barbering? Pivot Point Academy a barber school is here to help you not just further develop that love for the craft but to develop your skills in the art and science of barbering.

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Behind The Clippers

Watch the interview with Ken Washburn Behind The Clippers had done. Ken Washburn is Pivot Point Academy”s Lead Master Barber  Educator. Meet our Team.

Students hands-n hair

Students in action

Become a Barber Boss

Did you know that about one-third of all barbers are self-employed? Get started toward a career where you can create a schedule that works for you, approve your vacation days, and follow your entrepreneurial spirit.

Be your own boss

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