December 14, 2020

Hair Texturizing Techniques Taught in Cosmetology Classes

Hair texturizing refers to the diverse range of haircutting and texturizing techniques used to construct bouncing, voluminous, and layered hair. Our school for cosmetologists relays the latest techniques in areas such as layering, thinning, point cutting, and more. Cosmetologists that are obtaining their cosmetology degree from our program will be able to apply different haircutting techniques to all hair types — whether thick, thin, flat or dull. Here are some basic hair texturization techniques you’ll learn in our cosmetology school.

Point Cutting

From subtle to exaggerated, point cutting is the finishing touch of a haircut. This process involves sectioning and cutting chunks of hair with the scissors positioned vertically to the hair’s direction. The instructors at our cosmetology school in Bloomingdale, Illinois help students master the art of point cutting.

Overdirecting/ Shifted Distribution

For exaggerated layers, this cutting technique creates extra volume by lifting and cutting the hair over the head.


For thicker or coarser hair, this process, involving quality thinning scissors that thins out thick areas of the head that would otherwise present a choppy look. Students will learn various hair thinning and hair texturizing techniques in the cosmetology classes offered by Pivot Point Academy.

Slithering/Slide Cutting

Slithering is a haircutting technique for thicker hair that reduces chunky areas of the hair to add volume and give bounce.


Originally created to add foiled color to hair, weaving is a hair thinning technique that can be done with scissors or a razor to thin out hair evenly around the head. Hair is first divided into sections, in which the stylist then “weaves” through each hair portion in an m-shaped motion. This technique is critical to forming a stylish haircut. All future hairstylists that participate in our cosmetology school will receive hands-on training with hair weaving.

Chipping/ Razor Etching

For a more noticeable thinning appearance, chipping eliminates excess areas of hair to create dimension and body to the desired style.  The process involves pointing the scissors at a 45-degree angle inward to cut angular pieces, from the ends of the segmented hair. To learn more about the chipping and razor etching, enroll in our cosmetologists education program in the Chicago suburbs.

Smooth-Cutting/ Razor Sculpting

Smooth-cutting refers to the texturizing technique, typically used on straighter hair, that involves running a razor blade through sections of hair in a “v” shape to add volume. All students that are enlisted in school for Cosmetologists in Bloomingdale, Illinois will learn the latest hair volumizing techniques.

Hair Coloring and Highlighting Techniques

At Pivot Point Academy, we teach both traditional and contemporary hair coloring techniques to students enrolled in our cosmetology classes to ensure that they are able to apply radiant colors to hair. The following is a list of special hair color and highlight techniques our students will learn to perform.

  • Color Melt
  • Sombrè
  • Balayage
  • Reverse Balayage
  • General Highlights
  • Baby Lights
  • Lowlights

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