December 21, 2020

Cosmetology – Exciting Facts

Cosmetology is never one-dimensional or just limited to techniques. When you master the foundation of techniques this will enable you to grow creatively and allow you to create more than a style. Your passion and purpose will change the way people will feel about themselves. Enjoy reading the following 5 facts about Cosmetology. You will be excited about the opportunities you can discover in Cosmetology.

Cosmetology is a career full of creativity and art

Cosmetologists are some of the most creative and passionate people out there. They are talented, unique artists. All those intricate men’s and women’s haircuts, gorgeous balayage’s, stunning formal hairstyles, pastel, and vivid hair colors, trend-setting braids, and dramatic makeup looks you see on Instagram and Facebook. Most of them are done by licensed cosmetologists. They create art that people live with every day and make them feel great.

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Cosmetology is the ultimate career in beauty

Cosmetologists do everything from haircuts, hair color, relaxers, perms, formal hairstyling, roller sets, finger waves, pin curls, wigs, hair extensions, and the list goes on! They are also licensed to specialize in nail art, luxury manicures, pedicures, and artificial nails. Cosmetologists can also find their passion in facials and skincare, in addition, focus on event makeup, photoshoot styling, and weddings. No matter what your passion is, you can find a branch of cosmetology. Cosmetologists build a broader service menu to help support building a business with a solid clientele.

Cosmetology is about people and building relationships

If you ask a cosmetologist why he or she loves her job, you will probably hear something like, “I like making people happy and feel good about themselves.” Cosmetologists transform their guests’ moods every day. It is not just about the hair, nails, skin, or makeup. It is about connecting with the person who is sitting in your chair. Not only do you get to make people look and feel great, but you might also even be inspired by them. Cosmetology jobs can seem glamorous. After all, you get paid to make people look great!

Cosmetology prepares you for endless opportunities in the beauty industry

When you graduate from cosmetology school and pass your cosmetology state board test, you will be licensed to cut, color, and style hair and perform nail and skin services. Your license is not only for working behind the chair. A Cosmetology license has endless opportunities. For example, your knowledge from school, the experience behind the chair, you could manage a salon, work for a product company, be an educator for a school by continuing to get your educator license.

Cosmetology is constantly evolving

Sombre, balayage, color melting, the bob, the lob, baby fringe, wet-look waves, root melt, and more! If you work in a high-end salon, cosmetology can be all about trends and change. Guests wanting what is in and the latest looks, they count on you to deliver it! Cosmetology is all about continuing to educate yourself. With that, you can keep up! As a cosmetologist, you will always have opportunities to improve your skills and move forward as an artist. It is hard to get bored when being good at your job means keeping up with the latest thing. Who does not like being a style influencer at the forefront of cool?!