December 14, 2020

10 Popular Hairstyles for Women in 2020

Changing up your hairstyle and hair color is an easy way to change up your entire look in 2020. Just like clothing, hairstyles and colors go in cycles. What used to be popular in the 1920s is popular now, just look at the comeback that bobs have made!

If you are looking for some hair inspiration, or you are a hairstylist who wants an answer ready when a client asks, “what are the popular 2020 hairstyles?” then keep reading. We have compiled a list of 10 popular hairstyle trends and 5 hair colors to enhance your appearance this year.

10 Women’s Hairstyles For 2020

From stylish bands to short lengths, these popular 2020 hairstyles will give you inspiration for your next hair cut or provide details for your next client who is looking to change up their locks.

Woman with chandelier bangs

Photo Credit: Sofia Zhuravetc

Chandelier Bangs

You may be familiar with bangs that lay straight across the forehead. However, chandelier bangs differ in that they blend into other layers of your hair and contour your face. This beautiful hair trend works well if you part your hair in the middle or have existing layers. Plus, if you’re not ready to make the jump into blunt bangs, chandelier bangs are a great transition option.

Polished Bobs

Messy hairstyles are a thing of the past. Now, it’s time to take inspiration from the roaring 20s with polished bobs. Polished bobs are created by cutting hair to one sleek length that grazes just past your chin and jawline. Instead of texture, polished bobs are cut in one blunt line.

Woman with blunt bangs

Photo Credit: Subbotina Anna

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are a great way to add a shorter length to your haircut without sacrificing the overall length of your hair. Blunt bangs are polished and can give you a whole different look. Interested in getting this popular hairstyle? Ask your stylist for bangs that are all the same length with a little bit of texture.

Woman with shattered bob

Photo Credit: MillaF

Shattered Bob

Think of a blunt bob with added layers and texture. A shattered bob adds movement to a shorter haircut. Unlike having all pieces of hair the same length, this popular hair trend from 2020 has a mixture of long and short layers that create a defined texture.

The Shag

The shag is a great hairstyle for curly-haired ladies. While bangs can be intimidating if you have curls, the shag allows curls to thrive by working with the hair’s natural texture and look. The shag is achieved by creating a lot of soft and angled layers.

Woman with a sharp bob

Photo Credit: Zoom Team

Sharp Bob

A sharp bob is very similar to a polished bob and is a great way for you to see if you want to transition to an even shorter haircut in the future. A sharp bob is cut at one length and typically does not have bangs. If you’re looking to transition to a shorter hairstyle in 2020, getting a sharp bob first will help you visualize what a pixie cut will look like.

Asymmetrical Cut

An asymmetrical cut is a version of a bob that differs in length. Typically, the hair is shorter in the back of the head and longer near the front. Asymmetrical cuts are trendy and fashionable and add dimension to a typically single-length bob haircut.

Woman with a strong bob

Photo Credit: Valua Studio

Strong Bob

Are you looking to create a statement? Then a strong bob might be the hairstyle for you. A strong bob works well with any hair texture and hair density—both thin and thick hair. A strong bob includes blunt bangs and doesn’t include any layering for a sleek statement hairstyle.

Long Bob

A long bob, otherwise known as a “lob,”  is a great haircut if you’re looking to slowly transition to a shorter hairstyle. A long bob typically grazes the shoulders and suits any face shape and hair texture. A long bob can also look good if layers are added in for additional texture and style.

Curly Shag

Are you looking to embrace the natural texture of your hair? Then a curly shag is a hairstyle for you. A curly shag allows curly-haired women to let their curls loose by creating a lived-in, more natural look. Unlike some of the other hairstyles mentioned, a shag allows women to keep their natural texture, whereas some of the other hairstyles are better for women with straight locks.

5 Popular Hair Colors For 2020

Along with haircuts, hair coloring can also change up your look. Hair colors are typically popular by season and are a great, non-permanent way to embrace the latest trends. Keep reading to learn what the top 5 popular hair colors are for 2020.

Woman with dark blonde hair

Photo Credit: Fresh Stock

Dark Blonde Hair With Highlights

Adding honey-blonde highlights to dark blondes—even brunettes—it will create a hairstyle with dimension and glow. The best part about adding flecks of blonde into medium-brown shades is that it will create a lived-in, sunkissed look.

Silver Blonde Hair Color

If you are looking for a more dramatic hair color, then silver-blonde hair color may be for you. Silver-blonde takes bleach-blonde hair to the next level by adding shimmering silver tones.

Woman with glossy brown hair

Photo Credit: Sofia Zhuravetc

Glossy Brown Hair Color

Now that autumn is right around the corner, there has never been a more perfect time to embrace dark hues. The glossy brown hair trend is perfect for the cooler months and adds a little extra shine.

Rich-Red Hair Color

Along with rich brown hues, red hair is another popular color going into the fall months. Even if you’re not a natural redhead, this vibrant color can be achieved and looks especially good on women with warm undertones in their skin.

Woman with shadow roots hair color

Photo Credit: HedgeHog94

Shadow Roots Hair Color

Shadow roots create a lived-in look that is natural and can be achieved on a variety of different hair colors. Whether balayage, blonde highlights, even silver-toned hair, shadow roots are a trendy hairstyle and color in 2020 for those who want a low maintenance look.

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