December 19, 2018

5 Skills That Make A Successful Barber

With increased attention to hair and beard styling in men, barber shops are making a comeback and those with proper barber training are in high demand. Barbers cut, trim and style shorter hair, typically on male clients but women with shorter hair can also see a barber for styling. Professional barbers are also skilled in the art of facial hair services, including shaping and styling custom looks for their clients.

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How to Become a Barber

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the hair styling industry, learn more about how to become a barber:

Hair Cutting

Hair types vary from person to person. Learning the difference between hair types and how they respond to cutting is an important first step in becoming a barber. Along with learning the different types of hair, barbers must learn cutting techniques and stay up to date on the latest trends in men’s hair styles. Prior to becoming a professional barber at a barbershop, you will be required to have the necessary skills to cut and shape hair to the desired style each client prefers. If you’re looking to grow your customer base, you may decide to earn a cosmetology license to become proficient with other types of hairstyles. To be successful in the beauty industry, you will need to become proficient at listening and interpret your clients wishes.


If you’re thinking about becoming a barber, the next major skill you will need to learn is hair maintenance. Once your client has a style they like, they’ll want to keep coming back to you for maintenance and trimming. Learning the techniques of trimming to maintain a clients preferred style will not only help increase repeat business for your barber shop, but also increase referrals from happy clients.


Styling techniques are needed to ensure barbers are equipped with the skills needed to provide for a client’s wishes. IIn order to become a successful barber at a local barbershop, you will need to learn how to replicate specific hairstyles that the client found on TV, online, or in a magazine. Styling techniques for barbers are similar to those learned in a traditional cosmetology program, just with a twist. In a program focused on men’s styling, you will obtain advanced skills with traditional and trendy hairstyling methods.


Shaping is an imperative skill to master for those who are interested in becoming a barber. Ensuring sharp, straight lines on both the beard and hair lines of those with short haircuts is key to a successful cut. Clients seek out professional barbers for the clean lines and precise shaping they offer.


Straight razor shaving has become increasingly more popular in the past decade. Men enjoy the clean feel of a close shave and are seeking out professionals who offer this service. How do you become a licensed barber? You will be required to learn advanced shaving techniques such as the straight razor and other methods.

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Becoming a barber takes training and the development of specific skills dedicated to the art of men’s styling. Pivot Point Academy offers the specific training needed to perfect these skills, giving you an advantage in an increasingly competitive field. We also offer Cosmetology and Esthetics courses to help prepare you for a hairstyling or skin care license. Enroll today and learn the techniques you’ll need to begin a successful career as a barber.

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