October 8, 2018

Top 4 Fall Hairstyle Trends for Women

Summer is waning, and we can’t help but think ahead to fall. As the fall season approaches, now is the time to consider adjusting your hairstyle. Opt for a new look regularly or mix it up at your convenience. Either way, you are sure to get some heads turning in your direction and ample compliments when you try these fall hairstyle trends from the experts at Pivot Point Academy!

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Do you want to try a new hairstyle for the fall? Visit our Student Salon & Spa to receive a fresh cut. Our student stylists are trained with the latest hairdressing and beauty techniques to ensure a satisfying and rejuvenating experience. Pivot Point Academy is a beauty school located in Bloomingdale, Illinois. We offer Cosmetology classes to help you sharpen your hairdressing skills and jumpstart your career as a hairstylist. Our instructors leverage a hands-on program to teach you the latest hairstyle trends for women and men. Enroll in a Cosmetology program at our beauty academy to become a certified beauty professional.

Learn more about modern hairstyle trends for women that are fit for the fall season:

The middle part

Try a middle part. Just try it. If you grew up in the 90s, you may be disgusted at this suggestion given that back then, the middle part was reserved for outdated hippies. But, we all know most hairstyle trends eventually make a comeback. Particularly if you have very tame, straight hair, this hairstyle trend adds sophistication yet simplicity.

The timeless slicked-back low bun style is made even easier when you already have the part in place. Just use an extremely fine comb to center the part, pull back your hair into your signature knot, and gloss on hairspray to keep flyaways at bay the whole day and/or night.


As far as trending hairstyles, bangs aren’t going anywhere; it’s the kind of bangs you get that can either elevate or depreciate your look. Our Cosmetology specialists recommend growing bangs prior to the fall season to stay fashionable.

Before getting bangs, consider asking your stylist “What type of bangs is best for my…:”

  1. Face shape?
  2. Skin type?
  3. Hair texture?
  4. Daily routine?
  5. Maintenance goals?
  6. Fashion style?

Stylists ultimately want you to the get look you want, so by all means, ask as many questions as you’d like! Visit our student salon and spa in Bloomingdale, Illinois to receive a trending hairstyle prior to the fall. Are you interested in becoming a Cosmetologist? We offer affordable and interactive hairdressing classes to help enhance your beauty skills. Enroll in a Cosmetology program to learn basic and advanced hairdressing techniques.

Sleek bun

Messy buns are quick and convenient, but probably more suited for the gym or more casual errand-running days. Our hairdressing specialists recommend trying a sleek bun. This is a hairstyle trend that is perfect for the office, happy hours, brunch dates, or even weddings. Sleek and elegant, this timeless hairstyle trend for women puts your face as the focal point and gives you endless opportunities to experiment with your makeup.

The three essentials of a successful sleek bun, either in the back of or on top of your head: Hairspray/oil, hair ties, and bobby pins. First, put your hair in a tight ponytail. Then, twist your hair around and around until it’s in a coiled bun. With your other hand, tie it down with your other hair tie, adding a layer of hairspray to take care of wispy flyaways. Use bobby pins to finish pinning down extra strands of hair. A sleek bun is a trending hairstyle that is perfect for the fall season.


Our beauty professionals suggest experimenting with a perm for the fall season. This is a trending hairstyle is great for the cold season. No, but seriously; this is NOT your mother’s perm. Mara Roszak, the woman credited with the comeback of the perm through her mareWAVE regimen, said in an interview with Elle Magazine that the key difference of the modern perm is that the size and disbursement of curls are customized per client. Back in the 80’s when the method was last in peak popularity, the process of going straight to wavy was the same for everyone regardless of hair type or length.

Better yet, a perm works on nearly all hair types. You can achieve this ‘just woke up like this’ look without needing to style your hair everyday (or every few hours).

Receive a perm at our student salon and spa in Bloomingdale, Illinois. The students at our hairdresser school are taught by experienced instructors that are familiar with the latest trending hairstyles. If you are interested in becoming a hairdressing specialist, enroll in our Cosmetology classes at our beauty academy.  Our instructors will teach you the skills you need to become a beauty professional.

Ready for fall?

Need a new hairstyle for fall? Visit our student salon to get a luxurious trending hairstyle at a fraction of the price of a typical hair salon. Our students and staff have knowledge that goes far beyond the basics so that they can be confident and competitive in their chosen cosmetology careers.

If you’re an aspiring stylist, view our Cosmetology program and enroll in a class in Bloomingdale, Illinois.

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