January 19, 2018

2018 Makeup Trends

Look Great in 2018 With These New Makeup Trends

There’s so much to look forward to in the new year, but as cosmetologists, the new year stands out for one big reason: new makeup trends!

This year, we’ve studied the runways and learned new looks to try on ourselves and clientele. We’re so excited to share our findings with you, but before we do, we have a tip for the new year and for this particular list: keep an open mind. You never know what little addition or change to your routine will spark newfound confidence and bring out your natural beauty.


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2017 was the year of the unicorn. The resurgence of this mythical creature has taken over everything: clothes, jewelry, home decor, and even a Starbucks beverage. Coming up on 2018, we can safely say unicorn-inspired, mystical makeup is here to stay.

Get the look by trading in your usuals for more unicorn-esque shades. Champagne highlighter can be swapped for highlighter in rainbow hues like pinks, lavenders, even baby blues for a moonbeam effect. Change up your usual cat eye with a pastel, fairytale palette to complement popular holographic or metallic accessories. To add a pop of color to an otherwise everyday look, try dusting the inner corners of your eyes with a dewy pink, purple, gold, mint, or aqua shadow.



Hopefully, you’re not over glitter. Because if you thought glitter was huge in 2017, brace yourself. Rhinestones, sequins, and gems are the runway way to add sparkle to your ensemble. We glitterally can’t.

As far as makeup and shimmer go, we say go big or go home. Of all the glittery makeup looks we’ve seen – glitter lipstick, glitter freckles, and glitter roots – glitter eyeshadow is one we can get behind. The key is to treat glitter as a color. Applying either a sheer layer of shimmer or a dense coating of glitter to your eyes makes a statement that’s not overboard.


Clumpier eyelashes have always been a makeup staple (a la ‘60’s poster girl Twiggy), but this year they seem to be coming back stronger than ever. Pairing thick, spidery eyelashes with natural skin and lip tones is retro, but updated. Not to mention, it’s easy to do: just use mascara with a thick wand to apply numerous layers until you reach a level of defined separation that works for you.


This technique is a quick way to put color into your look. Line your bottom lash line with your chosen liner or eyeshadow, and you’re done! You can also use a rounded eyeshadow brush to smudge eyeliner for smokey eye. Hot colors right now are frosty blues, smokey greys, and bright teals, which (in the ride shade for your skin tone) add fun splashes of color to more understated or monotone outfits.


Go for the gold: gold highlighter. Gold may not be a conventional choice, but with the number of holographic colors and glitter on this list, we feel like it’s not that big of a stretch. Once musician-turned-entrepreneur, Rihanna, released her gold highlighter called “Trophy Wife,” that was it; every makeup artist, beauty blogger, and makeup aficionado was sold with the gold. It’s a vibrant color and great addition to your makeup kit that demands attention.

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