November 27, 2017

6 Types of Cosmetology Tools Every Student Needs

Books, Study Guides, & eBooks

Staying on top of current trends while learning timeless methods is at the cornerstone of our Cosmetology programs. Pivot Point Academy provides each of its students with the necessary Cosmetology tools and materials to take them beyond the basics in areas such as unified art and design theory. Among course literature is a coursebook, study guide, exam preparation materials, downloadable ebooks, learning activities, and license components. These resources stretch far beyond a YouTube tutorial, and can stay with you for the duration of your career. All delivered via our social learning platform LAB.


Hair specialists and cosmetologists need models on which to practice the various techniques. Our Cosmetologist hair and beauty kits include both man and woman mannequin heads in a variety of preset styles. The male mannequin includes options such as a full beard or nape.

For women, Pivot Point Academy is at the center of educational innovation with its internationally patented Snap Cap® mannequin heads. This Cosmetology tool includes real human hair that is available  in a wide range of lengths. Each mannequin is designed to help students enhance their skills in areas such as cutting, coloring, texturizing, and finishing. The caps are reusable and recyclable for endlessly efficient educational opportunities. The hair caps are implanted with natural human growth patterns to make the learning process as realistic as possible.

Hair Brushes & Combs

Makeup and hair brushes are an essential Cosmetologist tool for students that are looking to become a professional hair stylist. Hair brushes and combs are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate various types of hair lengths, textures, and applications. This includes both hard and soft bristled brushes and combs of varied thickness; these factors also affect the end styling result. For example, teasing combs create styles with more volume. Detangling combs are also vital for getting knots out of wet hair before you begin cutting or drying.

As far as makeup brushes go, make sure you have one for each step in the makeup application process: foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow, and bronzer brushes. Each of these Cosmetology tools come in an assortment of sizes and shapes depending on the specific look your client(s) may be going for, so having a few of each never hurts.

Scissors & Shears

Scissors are a staple tool for Cosmetologists and hair stylists. They are what truly take drab to fab by shaping the client’s hair to frame his or her face. There should be more than one kind of scissors in your Cosmetology hair kit: one for cutting, and one for texturizing and shaping bangs. Scissors with teeth are used for layering hair instead of creating blunt chops. Trimmers are also necessary for grooming and for closer cuts to napes of necks, beards, and mustaches.

Blow Dryers, Curling Irons, & Other Electrical Heating Tools

There are various types of electrical heating tools that Cosmetologists use to sculpt refined and consistent hairstyles. Common tools used to create beautiful hairstyles for women include blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners. For men, our instructors supply a quality clipper and trimmer to teach students how different razor lengths can impact style and skin type.

Makeup Tool Kit

Our students will be equipped with an excellent Cosmetologist makeup kit that will include the necessary tools to bring out their clients’ best features. These kits include tools such as texturizing shears, extra combs or brushes, color wheels, and more. Everything is at the student’s disposal. An extra travel bag contains palettes, lipstick, eye pencil, powders, blush, and cosmetic sponges. The sponges are designed to provide a consistent application of foundation, highlighter, or contour. The right applicators are just as important as having the right makeup for diverse skin tones.

A La Carte

Extra Cosmetology tools every beauty professional will appreciate include: aprons, spray bottles, a mirror, color bowls, clips, hair shapers, and a maintenance kit stocked with tweezers and fingernail clippers to address the details that not only deliver quality styling, but a quality experience. The devil is in the details when it comes to satisfying clients’ needs; we make sure you don’t miss a beat.

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