August 4, 2017

The Benefits of Working in the Beauty Industry

The US beauty industry is constantly boasting impressive growth as the largest beauty market in the world. Thanks to the digital age of selfies, the Kardashians, and Instagram, cosmetology and hairstyling experts have had the perfect platforms to offer inspiration for younger generations. Actual statistics depict that the need and market for high-quality beauty industry professionals is here and not leaving anytime soon.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Chicagoland metropolitan area has the second highest employment level of cosmetologists and hair stylists as well as hourly mean wage in the nation. Illinois had the fifth highest employment growth rate of hairstyling and cosmetology professionals in the beauty industry at 22 percent in 2014.

The number of hairstylists and cosmetologists is expected to grow by 10 percent by 2024. With continuing upward trends in achieving naturally ageless skin, skincare specialists are also expected to grow by an above-average rate of 12 percent by 2024. Today’s cosmetics market is shifting towards premium products at a variety of price points. This large abundance of products allows stylists to experiment with new statement looks. Being informed on the “big beauty trend” also helps stylists relate to clientele.

Pivot Point Academy is a proud part of this fashionable growth curve in the industry. With access to the best training and cutting-edge tools, we ensure our students are at the forefront of beauty industry trends. We are always thrilled to induct new students and believe in producing not only skilled, but professional cosmetology, haircare and skincare experts.

Benefits of Attending a Beauty School

Fun & Collaborative Environment

At Pivot Point Academy, you’ll be constantly surrounded by people who share the same ambitions as you.  Group-friendly environments inspire camaraderie and competition that fuels each student’s fire, challenges previous notions and helps students identify the kind of beauty industry professionals they aspire to be. Our studio has been designed with a stylist’s eye, striking a combination of form and function that enables free expression.

Gain An Advanced Understanding of Beauty Techniques

Anyone can log onto YouTube and watch a tutorial, but it takes a certified expert to create innovative beauty trends. Developing an understanding of why techniques are formulated a certain way is key to delivering exceptional service when you officially begin your career in the beauty industry. Our master educators provide consistent training across all levels to make sure your time is made valuable and that your hands-on experience is always relevant.

We have also recognized the ways of teaching have evolved within the age of technology. Collaborative learning is a main component of the Pivot Point LAB. This social learning platform blends education, customization, communication, and gamification to provide the best content and tools to enhance your own training. In addition, established stylists, consultants, and estheticians from other salons are brought in regularly to give feedback and insight into beauty industry trends.

Become Prepared For a Flexible & Fulfilling Career

As a beauty professional, you will harness individual freedoms most careers do not. Unless you sign on with a salon, you will be able to set your own hours, standards, and truly earn your keep. Cosmetology, hair styling, and skin care is not something you can get by doing the bare minimum. Altering or treating a person’s physical appearance is a sensitive matter. This is why today’s customers seek, recognize, and only pay for high-quality treatments in the beauty industry. Pivot Point Academy will teach you how to establish your worth and ensure you are educated on how to market yourself as not just a beauty professional, but a business professional.

Industry Recognition

Pivot Point Academy is listed in an article on FAB – Flair, Artistry, Beauty – beauty trends by professionals as one of the world’s best Hairstyling Schools.

Pivot Point Academy is an innovative beauty school in Bloomingdale, Illinois that offers programs in areas of the beauty industry including cosmetology, esthetics, barbering, and makeup. If you want to enroll in a class, give us a call by phone at (847) 985-5900 to learn more about our school.