April 7, 2017

2021 Top 10 Hairstyles For Women

A new season always presents new fashion trends including haircuts. Springing forward this year these top 10 hairstyles for women are coming.

Textured Bob Haircut

The bob haircut is a classic that will never go away. However, adding the right amount of texture can take your look from sleek and simple to fun and flirty!

The Perfect Pixie

Wake up and go with the pixie cut. This cut is perfect for all seasons, occasions, and in the color of your choice. A good pixie cut should be cut to match the personality and flair of each individual.

Knotless Box Braids

Versatile! Easy! Fun! Knotless braids are taking over summertime fashion. You can get any length, color, or size and add accessories for some extra creativity.

High Ponytails

Worn Sleek or messy the high pony is becoming a favorite amongst women. This look is good for proms, banquets, or a night out on the town. Dress it up or dress it down! The choice is yours.

Curls For The Girls

Whether your rocking your naturally curly tresses or curls you’ve added using your favorite thermal iron curls add texture and glam to your haircut.

Grey Hair

There was a time where we all ran from the idea of a grey hair strand. Now you can catch women of all ages with grey to platinum silver hair around your city.

Pastel-Colored Hair

Add a nice soft touch to your haircut with pastel colors. Although pastel colors give a calming feel, it’s a bold look!

Long Straight One Length Cut

Horizontal lines give off strong vibes. Walk in the room and become the center of attention with a one-length haircut that hangs bone straight.

Lace Front Wigs And Extensions

Nervous about committing to a big change with your hair, then get yourself a wig or extensions to test out a new look.

Long Layers

No matter the length of hair layers always add something extra to your haircut and style. It gives flexibility to your styling options and adds movement to your look!