April 7, 2017

2017 Spring Hair & Beauty Trends

Two fashionable women stand next to each other

A new season always presents new fashion trends. Springing forward this year are colorful plays on classic looks that evoke fresh vitality and fun.

Ombre Orange-Red Lips

Yes, this is a thing. Ombre lips have been done in a variety of colors, but these flaming hues have been hitting the runway with a variety of designers for a fresh and sporty feel. If this look was a Hunger Games character, it would be Katniss Everdeen. How to get it: Apply a bright orange-red lipstick and cherry-colored liner to both the upper and lower lip. To finish, dab liquid orange pigment in the center of the mouth.

Mushroom-cut hair

These are not your mom’s bowl cuts. This 80’s/90’s don’t has become a modern ‘do, rocked by fashion risk takers like Rihanna, Janelle Monae, and Miley Cyrus. Not only is it chic and easy, but the extra-short length is perfect for staying cool in warm weather. Getting the cut right is key to the look. Depending on individual style, layers are gradually chopped, textured, and buzzed. Bold hair coloring, crazy earrings, and statement makeup finish the look. Your mom will be proud.

Watercolor eye shadow

Pastel colors are everything spring. Hints of shimmery lavender, chartreuse, aqua, and gold will catch the rays of sun and give off whimsical vibes. To recreate this look, grab your favorite pastel shadow palette and assign zones of your eye for the varying colors: purple on the inner half of the lids, blue on the outer half, green underneath and gold on the outer corners. Half the fun is the idea of “painting” on your eyes and blending shades together to put an artistic touch to your look.

High ponytail

This timeless look is a perfect convergence of natural elegance and practicality. Spraying hair thickening at the roots and working the hair towards the crown will give the height, and using two elastics to secure instead of one will give glamour that lasts through the night. The higher, the better.

Au Naturel

Showing off natural beauty is the very basis of makeup, but recently stars like Alicia Keys have encouraged going makeup-free. Getting the natural look all starts with going back to the basics and making smart decisions about which products to use. Starting with quality primer and foundation to balance your face and adding touches of pink blushes and lip glosses will highlight your natural beauty without leaving you feeling naked.

Blush, blush, and blush

In contrast to the au naturel look, using blush for contouring is the latest. Applying it heavy-handed across your cheekbones, up the temples and even around the corners of the eyes is a dramatic way to draw attention to your face.
No matter what looks you decide to try IRL, one thing is for certain this spring: GO BIG AND GO BOLD!

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