December 13, 2016

Popular Haircuts for Men in 2020

Popular Haircuts for Men in 2020

There is nothing more satisfying than a fresh haircut. For 2020, revive your style with a bold new look! From a High Skin Pompadour to a Low Taper Fade, this year’s popular hair cuts for men bring a fun variety of both classic and modern styles worth exploring.

Top 10 Popular Haircuts for Men

Among popular 2020 haircut trends, the Taper Fade is a prominent go-to style for all fashion-forward looks. The Taper Fade is the perfect, ultra-sleek cut that works with a wide range of hair combinations, textures, and lengths, and can be rocked for any occasion, whether professional or casual.

A Taper Fade involves keeping the hair long on top while tapering down the sides and back. The hair is cut progressively shorter as it moves down the head until blending in with the skin. The gradual fade involved with this popular mens hairstyle presents a sharp appearance, and is a fashionable, timeless, and versatile selection to spice up your year! Here are 10 current best hairstyles for men to try!

High Bald Fade & Comb Over

A sophisticated style that never loses its novelty, this haircut is a popular look for men. Ultra sleek and trendy, a high skin fade provides a fun contrast for the hard part comb over, making a match made in hair heaven!

Tall Skin Pompadour & Beard

The classic pompadour is a popular haircut for men that consists of a dramatic top swoop with relatively short sides. To add a modern, versatile flare, shave sides down even shorter and rock a stubble beard. You’ll have secret admirers in no time.

Crew Cut With a High Fade & Beard

For a simplistic look, the crew cut is one of the best short hairstyles for men that includes slightly longer hair on the top of the head with tapered sides and back. Pair this with a high fade and full beard, and you have yourself a modern, and rather striking, style.

Buzz Cut With a Fade

Much like the crew cut, the buzz cut is a smoking hot, sleek style that consists of tapered sides and back with a short top. This hairstyle for men is super easy to create and requires little to no maintenance.

Curly Hair With a High Skin Taper Fade

A widely popular men’s hairstyle, nothing beats a bald fade offsetting a top of gorgeous locks. This clean combination goes together seamlessly and is the best way to show off those beautiful curls.


Side Part & Mid Hair Fade

If you’re looking for the best hairstyles for men that feature a little edge, this style is a fun go-to when looking for something new! The classic, textured side part paired with a trendy mid fade makes for a major laid back and modern look.

Comb Over & Taper Fade

Are you looking for a professional and casual popular haircut for men? This versatile haircut can do it all. The trendy comb over fade pairs stunningly with a crisp hard part and thick stubble. We promise it’s perfect for every occasion!

Fringe With a Low Taper Fade

Perhaps one of the most versatile hairstyles for men, a short fringe and low taper fade is an ultra-modern style that can be applied to a wide variety of hair types. From curly to wavy, and even straight—there are many ways to rock this look.

Textured Quiff + Low Fade & Part

One of the hottest and best hairstyles for men of the year, the textured quiff is a voluminous style that involves long, flowing hair on top matched with a low fade and hard part. Accentuate this look with a full beard, and you’ll have a haircut sure to turn heads.

Textured Hairstyle With a Taper Fade & Beard

For something a little more exciting, this edgy cut is a fun style to try. This spiky popular haircut for men features a textured top paired with a short taper fade and stubble. Textured tops work great for both curly and wavy hair.

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Barbering Hair Techniques

Our barber program equips you with the techniques you need to become an exceptional barber! Take a look at the essentials you’ll cover to become the barber of your dreams. Precise haircutting techniques you’ll gain include the following:

Dry Cutting

Dry cutting consists of the cutting and shaping of the hair when it is dry. This barbering technique works very well with natural, thick, and curly hair, and enhances the value of your mens hairstyle.

Scissoring Over Comb

A popular haircutting technique, the scissor over comb allows you to cut close to the head by following the hairline. This technique makes for precise results, is softer than a shaved look, and works best on on popular short haircuts for men. The process involves blunting the cut or softening the edges with thinning scissors, then the hair is shaped and styled as desired.

Point Cutting

Point cutting requires holding the ends of sectioned hair between fingers and cutting segments with scissors pointing toward the hair. This process texturizes hair, removing bulk from the hair’s end to allow more layers and movement.

Precision Cutting

Precision cutting is a foundational hair technique that considers all fundamental aspects of a precise haircut from patterns and hair weight lines to its pivots and design. This all works to create a haircut with no imperfections.

Cutting a Bob Line

To create the ultimate line, cutting a bob line requires using a straight shear and positioning it with the tip pointing downward and the tooth side pressed against the skin. This allows the teeth of the shear to keep hair in place so that you can accurately cut a bob line.

Essential Hair Cutting Tools

At Pivot Point Academy, not only will you be equipped with the training and hairstyling techniques necessary to succeed in the barbering industry, but you also will receive the necessary tools to create the best hairstyles for men in the industry. Here are just a few haircutting tools you’ll learn about during our barber program to become a successful barber.

Electric Clippers & Trimmers

Electric clippers work in the same way as scissors but are composed of a pair of sharpened comb-like blades for close contact so that hair is properly positioned between the teeth of the comb. This mechanism is driven by an electric motor, which makes the blade oscillate from side to side.

Straight Razor

Also known as open razors or cut-throat razors, a straight razor is a razor with a blade that can fold into its handle. This is a classic shaving tool that makes for a closer, smoother, and cleaner shave.


A cape is a drape used to cover a client when getting a haircut or other barbershop services. This cape is placed on customers prior to getting hair done for protection and keeps hair residue and other potential bacterias from getting in close contact with the customer.

Nose Trimmer

For a safe and pain-free hair removal solution, a nose trimmer eliminates unwanted nose hair manually or electronically.


In order to operate a barbershop, disinfecting is a thorough process that eliminates many disease-producing germs and organisms. This involves proper disinfectants such as cleaning supplies, sanitizing jars, disinfecting sprays, sanitizing equipment, and anti-bacterial wipes.