June 1, 2015

Alumni Spotlight: Inez Doe

Pivot Point graduates are known for quickly making moves in the industry and finding unique, creative ways to show off their skills while continuously developing their talent. Inez Doe is “the doll” behind U FANCII Beauty Bar. Learn how beauty became her constant companion and helped her establish a successful business.

What Pivot Point Member School did you attend and when? 

Virginia College of Cosmetology, Jackson, MS, 2012

What were you most interested in as a student? Where did this interest come from? When did you first know that you wanted a career in the beauty industry?

As a student my area of interest was hair! I had a bird’s-eye-view to the hair industry at a very young age. I grew up in Detroit, MI, where the hair industry was a very exciting one! My older sister Charise is a hairstylist as well. It was exciting to watch her perform in numerous hair shows and hair battles. I participated in my very first show as a hair model at the age of 8. It was then that I fell in love with the beauty industry. While in undergrad I supported myself by styling hair for the “college girl on a budget.” After obtaining my bachelors degree I worked unhappily in the education field. I juggled styling hair and two part-time jobs. It was not until my termination from the part-time gigs that I enrolled into cosmetology school full time. The beauty industry and I have been inseparable ever since!

In your own words, how would you describe the U FANCII Beauty Bar? Where is it located? How did you come up with the idea? What all did it take to get something like that started?

U FANCII Beauty Bar is a company that satisfies the need for different types of women. It’s an eccentric and classy hair company that goes above and beyond the common hair expectation. The word “fancy” itself is both an adjective and verb: elaborate in structure; to feel a desire for; to imagine; think. U FANCII’s goal is to give women a fulfilling sensation far beyond a tamed mane!

U FANCII Beauty Bar is located in Jackson, MS. The name of the salon was derived from my favorite artist, Drake, and his hit song “Fancy.” Cliché but catchy, I thought. Its unique spelling is accredited to a great friend of mine. The main function of U FANCII Beauty Bar is its website: www.UFANCIIbeautybar.com. This is where clients can book appointments, select services, view the look book, and purchase apparel and UFANCII virgin hair.

What do you enjoy most about your current business and work in the beauty industry?

I truly love every aspect of being an entrepreneur—even its hardships. I enjoy the flexibility of being my own boss. Most importantly, the beauty industry has afforded me so many opportunities to travel the world and meet some pretty interesting people.

Are there other areas of the industry that you are dabbling in besides hair? Do you have any other passions?

I am a hair demonstrator. I travel to various cosmetology schools in the southern region to teach hair techniques. I also am a virgin hair distributor. Under my brand I have established several projects. I am the creative visionary of the “Hair Exhibit,” which is a beauty and barber showcase that features Mississippi’s best in the beauty industry. I have also established a non-traditional scholarship program for cosmetology students in the state of Mississippi.

A true passion of mine is teaching. I revisit my alma mater, Virginia College, at the end of each freshman term to speak.  This has sparked my desire to get my teaching license in cosmetology.

What types of other jobs have you had in the industry before the beauty bar?

I have worked on several productions, including hair and makeup for the Oxygen network’s show “Bad Girls Club” season 10, and “Bad Girls All-Star Battle.” I served as a “hair expert” panelist for My Beautiful Heritage, sponsored by Walmart and Dark & Lovely. I currently have the pleasure to work as part of the glam team for the Lifetime network hit show “Bring It!” 

What are some things that inspire you these days?

Wow. I find inspiration in so many ways! It amazes me that I’ve only been licensed for two years and in such little time I have accomplished my goals. I’m ecstatic to see what the future holds. As far as people, I absolutely live for June Ambrose (celebrity stylist/designer), First Lady Michelle Obama and comedian Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie! In my eyes, they are the epitome of a WOMAN! Each exudes intelligence and are business savvy! 

Have you thought about what’s next for you? Any new plans/ideas for your career in the future?

The sky is the limit! The beauty industry has endless possibilities. I plan to become a hair instructor. Possibly open a U FANCII Beauty Bar in my hometown, Detroit.

Any suggestions or advice for our students and other upcoming professionals trying to jump-start their careers in the beauty industry? 

Stay MOTIVATED and be FEARLESS! Indeed there will be some frustrating times, but always remember what inspired you to begin. Build solid and genuine relationships with people. Invest in continuing education courses. Lastly, professionalism goes a very long way!

Where can we see your work and possibly follow your career as it continues to flourish?

My work is on my website, www.UFANCIIbeautybar.com and also on social media, Instagram@ufancii.