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If you’ve ever dreamt of a career in the beauty industry, Pivot Point Academy – Wahl Barber Academy can turn that dream into a reality. Being part of the beauty industry can provide you with countless opportunities. You can become self-employed and set and work on your own schedule.  By enrolling in Pivot Point Academy – Wahl Barber Academy, you learn beauty industry skills, meet new people, and build lifelong professional relationships.  We can help enhance your creative skills, find your purpose, and live your passion.  Our courses include hands-on training and cover many areas of hair and skincare. From cutting and coloring to makeup and shaving, there’s a lot to learn here at our Academy. Since we believe beauty professionals should have business skills, business management, and social media training are part of our curriculum.

Great news! Wahl Barber Academy is now licensed to do business as a barber school in the state of Illinois. A barber school only, located near O’Hare Airport and easily accessed from the CTA Blue Line, the Wahl Barber Academy has assembled a team of leading licensed instructors who demonstrate technical skills and the ability to inspire and motivate students.

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We’re AACS Golden School Award Winners

We did it again! We’re proud to announce that we are one of the 2023 Golden School Awards winners in the category school of te year. After we have won in 2022 two Golden School Awards. We couldn’t have done this without the hard work of our amazing instructors, staff, and our students of course. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, we’re excited to see what the future holds for Pivot Point Academy!

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Meet Our Team! 

Nicholas Cobb is a committed husband, father, mentor, and Master Barber Instructor with 20+ years of technical and theoretical experience. He has a passion for education and the overall success of every student that crosses his path.

Nicholas’s goal is to cultivate the minds of our youth on the endless possibilities of the billion-dollar barbering industry and prepare every student to be career ready immediately after high school.

Thank you for your dedication, Mr. Cobb! 

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Empowered through every snip ✂️💁‍♀️ Breaking boundaries, one cut at a time. @firstlady_fadez 

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Wahl Professional @wahlpro is our proud partner of Wahl Barber Academy, a first of it’s kind barber-only school shaping the future of the barber industry. Meet some of our students and Academy leaders! 

Learn more about Wahl Barber Academy and request info: https://www.pivotpoint.edu/wahl-barber-academy/
Thank you, Sudeep, for your feedback and testimonial on our barber services! We're glad to lead the way for the future barber industry professionals, starting with training in razor-sharp skills. 

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From classic strokes to the finest details, every shave is a testament to our dedication to the art of grooming. ✨

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Watch as precision meets perfection! ✂️💈 Our barbers sculpting with razor-sharp finesse. #SmoothMoves #BarberArtistry #WahlBarberAcademy
Drumroll, please! Excited to announce the winners of our leadership scholarship. 🎓🏆 

Please meet Saul Espinosa and Alexandra Rodriguez!

In September of 2023, we opened up our leadership scholarship opportunity - we were looking for two people to be the next leader and influencer of the beauty and barbering industry. 

Our candidates submitted a written application and video application, explaining why they should be recognized as a leader. We were looking for candidates who have the capability and passion to become a contributor to the beauty industry going forward. This person would demonstrate high potential of leadership, be willing to become a role model for other beauty professionals, and demonstrate creativity and willingness to show up.

After a long process of collecting applications and working with our expert industry panel to find our two winners, it was ultimately decided that Saul (Wahl Barber Academy) and Alexandra (Pivot Point Academy) were our leaders.

Congratulations to you both for your dedication and passion - it has truly shone through. Here's to the next chapter of academic success! 📚✨ 

We invite you to follow Saul and Alexandra's journey, from beauty and barber school student to professionals. More information coming soon, be sure to follow us for more! 

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Elevate your style with just a click. ✨ Book your next cut online and let's redefine your look together. 💈✂️

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Transforming fades into masterpieces ✂️💈 Barber students perfecting the art of high top fades. 

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Part 2: Interview with @wahlpro educator @mrwrencuts and our student barber @mthebarber ! We’re inspired by the passion for our industry 🙌

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Part 1: Interview with @wahlpro educator @mrwrencuts and our student barber @mthebarber ! We’re inspired by the passion for our industry 🙌

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Welcome Mihir and Santino to Wahl Barber Academy! We can't wait to watch you grow as future barber professionals.

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Our student barbers are ready to see you! Our full-service clinic is open Monday - Friday for all your grooming needs. Call us at (847) 383-9780 or schedule online. Link in bio! 

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Take a look inside our classroom 📚 Our curriculum doesn't define hair sculptures as "womens" or "mens" cuts. We believe that barbers should be trained in all sculpture techniques, long or short. 

Preparing the future generation of barbers to take on anything with confidence! 

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To prioritize the safety of our students, faculty, and guests, we will be closed Friday, January 12th. Please stay safe & stay warm! 

Our team is still available via e-mail or text (224) 308-1600 ❄️ Resuming regular business hours Monday, January 15th.


  • I chose pivot point intentionally because I’ve always loved makeup. Going through all the phases and learning all the curriculum I’ve never been so happy to become a well-rounded hairstylist knowing all techniques and learning all different hair types. I’ve never been so blessed to be working at Sharon Daniel Salon to further my career and make everyone feel beautiful!

    Alissa M.

    I chose Pivot Point because of its professional but fun atmosphere. I feel that they took cosmetology as seriously as I did but everyone was still warm and welcoming! I am now working at a Redken elite salon in Chicago and I feel like I’ve found a home in my rising salon!

    Mikey D.
  • Pivot Point Academy is not only a school, it is a home. This place helped me branch out into a whole different person. I tried things I never knew I would try and accomplished so much more than I would’ve ever thought. Pivot Point allowed me to find another home at Sorelle Salon in Bartlett. I am a full-time stylist now doing hair, makeup, spray tans, lash extensions, lash lifts, and nails! This industry offers so much and Pivot Point helped me realize beauty is unstoppable!

    Gabby B.

    I chose Pivot Point Academy because I wanted a supportive, family-like school. I knew from the minute I toured the academy; I was home. The educators were amazing, my classmates were always cheering me on and the rest of the team always had my back. I knew going to Pivot Point I would have the best cosmetology education and opportunities following graduation. I was given all of that, plus so much more.

    Savannah F.
  • I chose Pivot Point because it had always been highly recommended to me and frankly; no other school compared. I felt welcomed and at home right away, so I knew it was the right choice. After graduating from Pivot Point, I was able to come across an amazing job opportunity at The Mixx Hair Salon where I am now a full-time hairstylist and lead makeup artist.

    Nathaly L.

    I just graduated from the teacher training program and I want to share my appreciation for the school, I’ve learned so much! I truly have enjoyed my time there. The staff & students have been wonderful. I just truly love the atmosphere, curriculum, and basically everything about this wonderful school.

    Brittany S.
  • After doing a ton of research, I chose to attend Pivot Point Academy to obtain my Cosmetology license. Their curriculum looked the best compared to other schools, and I’ve heard great feedback from friends that attended this beauty school.

    Lisa W.

    I recently attended the Cosmetology school at Pivot Point Academy to tighten up my skills. Great instructors that facilitate a collaborative learning experience that is not only based on concepts – but also hands-on practice to help enhance your skills.

    Sophia B.
  • Attending Pivot Point Academy for my cosmetology training was the single most important career decision I’ve made. From the strongest in fundamentals to a vast network, I wouldn’t be the traveling artists I am today without it. In one word: Blessed!

    Matt B.

    I felt the most comfortable at Pivot Point Academy when I did my walk-through, I can tell the staff really cared about me and are down to earth. Pivot point truly cared about wanting me to succeed and go far in this industry and supported me throughout school and even after graduation. Pivot Point Academy has instilled in me the professional that I have become, and for that, I am forever grateful. After I completed both cosmetology and barber school, I have been building a solid clientele and been loving it every day! With having such an awesome educational background I truly can go forth with confidence for any client that sits in my chair. I am so fortunate to have made such close friends while in school that I will have for a lifetime!

    Natalie G.

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